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What worked for me

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Have you ever consider suicide due to this problem? if you haven't, it means you're half way on the right path. If you have, i'm here to tell you that i've been there, and this is what worked for me.

I have noted among many people that suffer from this condition, the inclination to seek for natural treatment to this problem. After trying different conventional medical approaches, and having suffered of this chronic thing since 23th March 2012 (yes, i remember the exact day it begun), i consider myself to be 80% liberated from this. I sometimes pass one entire week without flushing, even in heated spaces.

What worked for me was to understand this simple truth:

Whatever comes in a package, IS NOT FOOD.

Whatever you have apply fire to, IS NOT FOOD.

Whatever you have to add salt, sugar, etc. IS NOT FOOD.

See where i'm going? The list goes on and on. I ate only fruit, salads, nuts and seeds from 2014 to early 2016 (since then i haven't been able to follow up to that cause my last girlfriend liked sushi too much and at some point i started eating sh** again, but fruits remain my main source of nutrition). You can look up a youtube video by Loren Lockman called "What is Food?". He addreeses this very well.

You have to go MONK MODE for something like 2-3 years.

Eat 3 times a day. Don't combine foods too much. Sleep 9 hours. Don't do drugs, let alone alcohol, it is like pouring car oil into your system. Drink pure water. Exercise EVERY F*CKING DAY (a little bit like 20 minutes is enough, but YOU HAVE TO DO IT EVERYDAY).

Spend time alone, in nature. It lowers cortisol levels. BE CONFIDENT, i'm telling you, i seriously consider shooting myself in the head when this condition made me freeze my studies and stop interacting socially). I suffer from another condition called Keratosis Pilaris Rubra Faceii (when your cheeks are red permanently without flush or blush). This still has obvious consequences in my self-awareness, but it is ORDERS of magnitude lower than the psychological effect of your face burning at 1000ºC. I now have no problem in looking people in the eye while talking, whereas when this condition affected me the worst, i just couldn't do it (you know how it feels).

So, No sugar, No salt, No white rice, No milk, No wheat, etc. Basically give it a try to Raw Vegan Diet. You'll notice the difference but not immediately (the body takes time to regenerate the organs and to cleanse itself). At times it feels very difficult to persevere, the key is to hang on, to have a purpose that is greater than the temptations of each moment.

I hug you all and if you need further advice, you can contact me at my email: decekaese@gmail.com

pd: sorry for my english, not a native. 


Cheers to everybody, hang in there. There IS a natural way out.









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