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Aussie looking for ETS Surgeon overseas (USA probably?)

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Hi all :)

As my username suggests, I am from Australia. I've suffered with Facial Blushing and Flushing since my late teens and I'm at a point in my life now (age 39) where I am ready to have this surgery performed, ASAP! Unfortunately no ETS surgeons in Australia, that I've found, will perform this operation unless I have been covered by my Private Health Insurance for at least 12 months. I really don't know why this is. I am happy NOT to claim anything back from my insurance company (Bupa) and pay for the operation outright, but there must be some other reason I am unaware of. 

The 12 months waiting period isn't up until March 2020, therefore I am currently considering whether ETS surgery in the USA (or elsewhere) is an option for me. Does anyone have experience with this?

More specifically, I'm looking for advise on:

1. Health Insurance - how does it work for an overseas (Australian) patient, having ETS surgery in the USA?

2. ETS Surgeon recommendations (USA). I'm looking for pretty obvious things -

~Experience (number of successfully treated patients/cases)

~Knowledgeable on the latest and best techniques for ETS surgery

I have found this company online - The Center for Hyperhidrosis - and wondered if anyone has anything good (or bad) to report about them? 


One thing I did notice about this company which is different to others is that they  'gently compress' the lungs instead of deflating them:

'We use CO2 insufflation, which gently compresses the lung, and therefore the lung is not deflated.'

To me, this suggests that they are perhaps more 'up to date' with the latest (and best) risk reduction techniques, involved with ETS surgery. WDYT?

Thank you very much for reading :)



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