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London Hospitals that provide ETS for facial blushing?

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Who has had ETS for facial blushing on the NHS in the London area?

My GP referred me to a thoracic surgeon with no experience of ETS for facial blushing, but the team is very happy to refer me onto a hospital/consultant that does.

Any details of specific hospitals (but most importantly the names of consultants) would be incredibly helpful for me in moving forward to deal with this horrible thing that has blighted my life for so long 😌.

Thank you very much if you can help me.


This is also my first post here, so Hello, and may I recommend the book 'When Blushing Hurts' by Enrique Jadresic (a psychiatrist who had what he terms 'Persistent Blushing' himself and helped to treat 100s of people from around the world). I have found the book helpful and you may do too.

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