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Blushing, Flushing, Rosacea! How can I tell which I have?

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I have done a lot of looking into this, but I feel like what I have comes up somewhere in between. I have always flushed from public speaking, and there are many pictures of me as a child where you can see that my cheeks were flushed. I also used to have very bad axillary hyperhidrosis when I was a teen. Thankfully medication fixed the HH. I have a naturally high heart rate and BP. These things would lead me to believe that I have a problem with an overactive sympathetic nervous system and facial blushing. 

However, I also get what I would call flushing from any kind of exercise (used to only happen from hard aerobic exercise, but now anything sets it off), heat, spicy foods, while I sleep for seemingly no reason, and while I am doing frankly nothing. This "flushing" or whatever it is, lasts for a long time. I cannot get it to stop without ice, fans, or water on my face. It can go all day if I don't do anything about it. Can people who blush also have this problem where the blush lasts a long time once it starts? I am just trying to figure out if what I have is blushing or flushing because I have been researching ETS surgery, and i know it isn't supposed to help flushing.

I have been diagnosed with rosacea. I do get some occasional bumps, but nothing major. The only reason I have started to believe that maybe I have something else causing the problem is because my dermatologist (a different one from the one that diagnosed me) suggested it. She said that since it is so prolific and because of some of the contexts that it happens in, it doesn't seem like rosacea flushing. At least not all of it.

My rosacea actually just started out with bumps. I was always worried that I would start flushing, and about 3 years after I started getting the bumps, I started flushing. I don't know if maybe me being anxious about it started to cause the flushing/blushing or whatever this is. I also had a steroid shot a month prior to the start of the flushing, so maybe that is what cause it. However, I'd had many cortisone shots for allergies prior to that with no problem. I'm honestly at a loss, and pretty confused at what direction to go to treat this right now.

I'm starting medical school in the fall, and I am dreading it. I don't want to be a flushing blushing mess the whole time. It is embarrassing, and for me, the blushing/flushing is actually painful as well. It doesn't happen every time, but sometimes my face burns badly when I flush/blush. I don't know how I am going to deal with it, especially during such a stressful time.

Sorry for such a long post. If you read this far, thanks for taking the time to hear what I had to say. I'd appreciate any insight into my situation. 

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