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ets 100% effective; side effects tiny

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I had vicious facial blushing for the first 42 years of my life, which led to all the usual - and some!  SAD, GAD, Major Depressive Disorder, living as a hermit.  I had surgery with Mr Roger Bell (t2-t4 sympathectomy).  I have virtually nil side effects, sometimes a little sweating on the back.  The interesting thing is that I have phantom blushing.  I thought for 18 months that I WAS blushing.  Then during ferocious 'blush' consulted a mirror.  PALE AS A GHOST!  NOT KIDDING!  Totally fu***** cured.  I would recommend this guy to anyone.  He is humble, friendly, understanding and damn good at his job.  He's performed the procedure now over 1000 times.  For anyone in Australia, he's your guy.  I realise that my outcome from surgery is, particularly with respect to absence of side-effects, a somewhat rare one; but God put an end to your misery - which was my misery for 42 years - and have the operation with someone in your country.  Or if you're in Australia, I can only say good things about Mr Bell.

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