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years after ETS surgery

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On 8/16/2019 at 8:51 PM, Sakir Samke said:

@blushingmanBut how about me ?

I think i have both of them - blushing and flushing. And i think that was connected because both of them are caused by overractive nerve (too much blood to face in some situations).

So, except classic blushing situations my face also going red when i'm exposed to high or low temperatures, when exercising ..

But i have found story from one man who had ets surgery about two years ago (he also have same problems like me) and he said after ets he can't go red even when he stands on his head - i think this is proof that the blushing and flushing are related.

I am not saying that flushing and blushing not are related. There are some people that never get red in their face (not blushing), no matter how embarrassed they get. The same people probably never get flushed at all when exercising. Then there are those who get red very easily, maybe just by having some sort of strong emotion, who also get red almost always from some exercise. This is due to skin tone, capillaries of the face, etc. So they are without a doubt connected, but the ETS/ESB surgery is for chronic blushing, as it deals with the nerves. I would never personally suggest someone to have the surgery just for flushing. First and foremost it is not intended for that, and it does not deal with that problem specifically at all. If your flushing gets reduced that is just a lucky side effect. 
Good luck! :) 

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