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I had ETS today

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Hello, (I posted this in the Facial Blushing forum but it also is for excessive sweating hence the double post)

I am a 20yo woman that has palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis as well as FB. I have had this ever since I could remember from a very young age although the blushing only began once I hit puberty and was honestly worse then the excessive sweating. It is now 11PM and I had my ETS done at 11.30 AM at the T2 level. When I woke up, I instantly felt the results in my palms feet and armpit; they are dry and warm and I could not be more happy about finally having dry, warm hands. I think I shook everyones hand in the recovery room and almost cried tears of happiness when a kind nurse that felt my palms drip from sweat before the surgery showed how happy she was to see them dry. I haven't gotten the chance to test out if I still have FB, I'll have to wait to recover a bit and then spark a conversation with a stranger with a mirror in my hand. 

Pain: I woke up with a bit of discomfort in my chest, it felt a bit uncomfortable to take in normal/deep breaths but that discomfort has subsided. I am not experiencing any centralized pain in my back or where the incisions were made like i though I would. Thankfully I just feel a bit sore and tight where the incisions are. The nurse asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain was and my response was 2, it still is only because of the discomfort in my throat from the breathing tube and from not being able to take deep breaths. 

Eye: For some reason I had woken up from the general anesthesia with a smaller eye on my right side. It was a bit red and swollen when I woke up but thankfully it has healed fairly well over the last few hours. My surgeon said that it is most likely a result from the general anesthesia or some numbing agent that they placed in my system that may have travelled close to the nerves near my eye. He said he believes it will be temporary and so far so good as it is looking much better and you would have to look closely in order to see a difference between the two eyes now. I am praying that it is not Horners Syndrome and that it will continue to heal back to normal. Again, it is pretty minor at the moment and is not my main worry as I could always get a bit of botox in my forehead that would lift the eye a bit. 

Compensatory Sweating: I took a 3 hour nap with a thick puffy blanket on in a fairly warm room with thin pyjama pants and a shirt with a sweater on top. I did feel that the pyjamas fabric in the back of my thighs were damp but I am now not under this blanket and feel no compensatory sweating. I'm really crossing my fingers that it stays like this as my surgeon said I will see what my true results are within 3 weeks. 

So far, I do not regret my decision to get ETS. Just waking up to dry and warm hands and feet feels absolutely life changing and I am certain this will ease my anxiety significantly on a daily basis and allow me to gain more confidence. I was supposed to have this surgery when I was 18 but did not happen to find a surgeon I was 100% comfortable with at the time and also felt like I had to do more research to solidify that I really wanted to have this surgery. If you are looking into getting this surgery, do your research, visit more than one doctor and make sure you already embrace a possible reality before the surgery that you may experience possible side effects like CS as a result of gaining what you really want to improve your quality of life. 

I live in Toronto so if anyone would like my surgeons information, feel free to send me a message. I know how challenging it could be to live with FB and/or excessive sweating everyday so if anyone needs a friends, I'm all ears! 


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