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1 year post ETS

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So it's been 12 months since I got cut at level 2 for FB.

It hasn't been a total success as I still blush from time to time. However, I am still very happy that I went ahead with the operation.

I have no side affects at this moment but my hands were very dry for a few months after the op (they are fine now).

CS is really non existent no matter the temperature. I had a holiday is Spain recently and I had zero CS.

I always thought that my blushing was the reason I had social anxiety, but 1 thing I've learned this past 12 months is that anxiety is just part of my make up. I still get it quite a bit even though I'm not having a blushing episode. I guess it's just in my genes ?.

The times I do blush nowadays is usually when I'm either stressed out, over tired, hungover or feeling little under the weather. Pre ETS my blushing was extremely bad In those situations.

There was a period over Christmas were I thought my blushing was back for good. For a full week I blushed on numerous occasions, and it was a stark reminder see of how my old life was, but thankfully it eased off again. I put that down to being over stressed.

In a normal week now I'd say my blushing has decreased by about 90% so for that alone I am happy that I went ahead with the operation. 







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