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Clamping vs Cutting

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Wanted to hear your opinions guys or experiences about clamping or cutting the nerve. I don't sweat but have a really severe blushing from since I can remember. When I asked about ETS from one of the clinics then doctor's secretary got me back with a response :

"Following our experience, we now advise the new procedure of “Clamping the Sympathetic chain” instead of the older technique of “cutting the nerve”.

The difference and the advantages of the new technique are particularly beneficial in case of blushing and hyperhidrosis of the face. "


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I really don't see any reason for NOT chose clamping. 

if you cut the nerve there is no returning back at all... like if it goes bad your stuck with your decision. 

I was clamped and regretted because of the increased sweat which was worse than the original issues with blushing. 

Removed the clamp and got better after 1/2 a year.

I didn't have that opportunity if i were cut. 

Ask me if there is something i can do. 

Best of luck. 

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