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Hi! Im from sweden, im new here and suffer from the same sh** as many of you, facial blushing. I have lived my life just as you guys, holding myself back because of this and you've all read the story.. 

Spent alot of time reading this website among others lately and i have some theories.

I first wanna ask, has anyone read the thread "hypnosis works"? anyone tried it? i have had a theory for a while that hypnosis maybe could work but when i entered that website it seemed like a scam i think. now let me expain why i would think that hypnosis MAYBE could work.

everytime i think i have found a cure for our FB and tries it, i have a little harder to blush/flush, maybe because im a little calmer and have a LITTLE faith in the cure. let me give you all an example.

when i was younger, like 15, i had a theory that if i worked out in the gym i wouldnt flush in my daily life because it was when i quit training it all started with my FB(maybe not exactly then but somewhere in that time),so i started to work out in my friends own gym with no mirrors. everyday. lifting weights without that heat in my face actually. and then in school i felt totally safe and could even lie on the ground wrestling my classmates, trying to squeeze the life out of them without any heat streaming to my cheeks. then i started to work out in another gym WITH mirrors, and then i could see how red i became lifting those weights so my confident went right back to zero.

So i've been thinkin if you could induce some kind of placeebo-effect,(thats where the hypnosis comes in)making you think that you actually dont even get red, maybe this has already been discussed here i dont know but have you other people any of these expieriences?


Also ive been thinkin on ETS surgery or ESB witch is the one with the clamps.

the only thing that gets red is my cheeks,like a big red triangle on every cheek, and they get really red, they are always a little pink but sometimes almost not noticeble.

i work as a carpenter and the work is not the problem right now for me.(but ofcourse i want to develop and become something more) but everyday when i get home from work i start to flush, not blushing so often but sometimes. as i said, mostly flushing and often at the same time of the day, even if im alone. i also flush alot when im about to get sexy with tha ladiez, lifting weights, drinking alcohol aaaaaaaand when someone tells me: WHOA YOUR RED!

anyone with the same type of blushing/flushing that have had the surgery done? That "red cheeks only" type of flushing/blushing if you know what i mean

the reason im asking is that maybe there are different types of flushing/blushing wich also means different cures?

if im gonna pay 7952€ i want to be as sure as youll get.

AND what does ETS surgery cost where YOU live?

stay strong peeps


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