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Facial sweating and Temperature

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Hi there, I've been suffering from anxiety for years and a result have also suffered with excessive sweating on my face. I do believe I would suffer from anxiety without the sweating that's for sure but not to the extent that I do with it.

I've recently tried a few things to help, one being an antiperspirant gel that I apply to my face, think it was called 3B face saver, or something similar. I think the product is alright but I've stopped using it as one thing I've noticed is that in social situations, before I do sweat I do just feel waves of heat cross over my face and once I get too much of that I will sweat regardless of whether I'd used that gel or not.

It got me wondering how I should treat this and whether it's just the mental side I need to work on to prevent me thinking things that make my temperature shoot up. Or is there something I can actually take that will prevent this regardless of what I'm thinking in my mind and therefor have me feeling more confident in my thoughts as a result.

Has anyone else had a similar experiences and solutions?

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