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Rosacea Treatment

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Rosacea treatment
I don’t come to the cafe that often, but when I do, I see a lot of articles about people who suffer from Rosacea
If I read the forum I can’t find a single writing that says they have cured it, but only people who are complaining about it. It really makes me sad reading those.
It could be nothing for other people but only the person, one self, knows the pain. Parents, family and friends can’t know the pain they you go through but can comfort you... it’s your own fight.
Rather, you have a lot of things you want to do, and I feel that the pain of not doing normal social life is bigger.
Currently as I am writing this article, I have experienced nearly 10 years of up and down of Rosacea. For me at this very moment I think what have I done in the past to deserve this... Why do I have to live like this... and everytime I look up a solution on the internet there arn’t any treatment for it... I want to be helpful to those who are in pain and tell you of my experience and know-hows.
For me it happened when I was going through puberty, when my sebum secretion amount increased from puberty. It was case when the nose sebum increased and it spread the pustule(pus) across the nose and its surrounding area. This is where if you squeeze it creates more and it repeats. This damages the skin and this will expand the blood vessels and result in malfunction of skin and develop into Rosacea.
I tried to fix this by going through a laser treatment to stop the sebum and to remove any expanded blood vessels. The lasers did have effect, but the effect wasn’t permeant. The process repeated again.
So I was thinking whether or not I have to get another laser treatment and got different laser treatment from different hospitals on various blood vessels and sebum related laser treatment.
What I felt after years of laser treatment is that, firstly laser treatment is very dependant on the skills of the doctor who is performing.
There are doctors who can treat each patient best by examining their skin conditions and thickness of the skin using the same laser equipment. It not best to have it too weak or too strong. But even the laser treatment does not last long.
After receiving laser treatment, I have felt that the treatment itself has taken wrong course of treatment. It only thought of the problem as a skin trouble as the trouble only happens on nose and its surrounding area. It only looked at the areas that has been affected. I have used everything from antibiotics, roqueutan and various ointments (rozex gel, elidel, stevar A, diperin). I even used it varying the concentration.
If I tell you just the overall conclusion, do not use it if it is inflammatory Rosacea. It only make it worse by using it.
However, azelaic acid 20% ointment Azela cream is very effective against inflammatory Rosacea. Compared to stevar it’s not very sensitive to the skin, there’s no side effects and it’s very effective to get rid of redness and inflammatory.
I have read an article America’s Rosacea patients have said that they have benefitted from ointment that has azelaic acid components in it.  In fact, there were researches on the effectiveness of rozex gel and azelaic acid ointments on Rosacea paitents. The results were that the paitients who have used azelaic acid ointments are more satisfied and more effective against Rosacea. Related research data can be found using Google and it’s not hard to find it.
Most doctors in the country are not aware of this. Thankfully azelia cream can be bought in any pharmacy without a prescription.
The ointments may be out of stock but you can order them. The price are around 10000~15000KRW.
For those who have very weak skin may feel it itchy at first and after applying it for few days bits of dead skin may arise. Think of it as a process of broken skin healing and fading away. You can apply it after morning and evening wash, apply it across face evenly spread out. If you think it’s hurting your skin or it’s bit sensitive for you to use, you can apply it once a day.
However this is not a cure for Rosacea.
What is important is to cure the five vital organs and the six viscera.
The main cause of Rosacea is because of damage on spleen and stomach
According to my knowledge, this is the characteristic of a person who has an Rosacea
1) Due to his timid personality, he gets a lot of pain.
2) Sensitive to external stimuli or environmental changes
3) Hands and feet are cold, and period cramps are severe.
4) Have been suffering from extreme stress for a long time.
5) Have a lot of thoughts and worries.
6) The fever often rises to the face, and dry eye syndrome is accompanied by Rosacea.
I think there will be more than the symptoms above, but I have listed the typical symptoms with the symptoms I have.
Ultimately the main reason is the stress. Whenever you receive stress the sebum amount increases, damaging your spleen.
Spleen and stomach are in inseparable relationship therefore if one is damage other one is ought to be damaged as well.
For this reason people who are So-Yang type, people who have weak spleen and stomach comparative to other people, have damaged spleen and upper stomach and this makes pimples around nose area or excessive oil on the nose.
Rosacea is a type of redness on skin and this appears differently for different types of people. Depending on strength of five vital organs and the six viscera some people have redness on cheeks, some people on noses and some people on the face.
People who have redness on cheeks are often people who have bad lungs, white and non-oily dry skin.
Our face is a mirror that shows statues of five vital organs and the six viscera. If there are problems on your face, it means that there are problem somewhere in your body. It was for me as well, but most people tend the problems that they can see often ignoring the problems that are hidden.
The picture below is Myeong Dang do from Dongui Bogam


The link below shows the relationship between the facial parts and the five vital organs and the six viscera so please refer to it.
For me I have been stressed out by this. If you are under stress for a long time, not only your spleen, stomach but also your lungs are heated and this heat comes up to your face. This dries your tears, your face, increases amount of sebum produced and dries body fluids so the body fluids are modified to hurt your body. If this process continues even inside of skin is dried up so your tongues are split and you are under a constant thirst that even thought you are keep drinking water you are still thirsty. I have been up to this stage before.
My back neck, shoulders, back and spine was always hurting. My body was under constant tiredness and it didn’t get better after sleeping. My body was broken where there was no hope of repair.
These symptoms don’t show on the X-rays. so it is often that people don’t know why they have these symptoms.
In fact, the hospitals these days are in competition of their newest laser technology so it’s more of business rather than curing the patients.
They pay big websites to make their hospital appear on the keyword, or use power bloggers to do viral marketing.
You may have seen photos of people on a blog who have gone through the whole process, from consulting to treatment process. This is a system how blog owners earn their money from the advertisement company. The hospital that is on the top search list does not necessary mean that it’s a good hospital. Additionally the expensive hospital does not mean that it’s a good hospital. It’s a mind of head of the hospital, experienced and publishes many research is better than those that doesn’t. You have to have some basic knowledge so that you can figure out by yourself that whether the place is just advertisement or a hospital that is good. If your blood vessels are expanded and your small vessels can be seen, it can’t be treated with medicine and has to have it removed with laser so you need to find the right hospital for your need.
The expert does not necessarily mean that they are best at what they do, and the pharmacists can’t find 100% right medicine for patient’s symptoms.
I have went through with many hospitals and have felt skeptical many times. After spending your money, mental and physical pain if it doesn’t work for you, you need to figure out that there is something wrong with the treatment.
I think it’s up to you to figure out what to do with the sickness you have in you.
So I have studied my symptoms, bought hot pot for medicine making, materials for medicine and made medicine for myself and watch the result.
The conclusion was that in order to fix Rosacea you need to cure all the functionality of the body..
I am going to tell you medicine material that worked for me and if the symptoms I have written down applies to you, please refer to it.
Firstly, if you have pain across your body and hard to digest food, then you need to remove Dam-eum and circulate your blood flow. I recommend Lee Jintang.
I eat it like this, I put 1.5L of water, Banha(legalised) 16g, dermis 8g, JeogBogLyeong 8g, Sansa 8g, ChunGung 8g and GamCho 8g into a hot pot and leave it for 30 minutes and boil it for 2 hours. You can drink it 3 times a day(150ml each time) for 2 days.
After drinking it like this for 2 weeks, my body feel great.


And treatment for five vital organs and six viscera
Water 1.5L, Sugjihwang 12g, Useul, Yugjong-yong, Omija, Pageug, Maegmundong, Gamcho, Baegbogsin, Geongang, Duchung, Dang-gwi 6g
Onsinsan is good for your kidney so it helps you to create body fluids and helps you to overcome the pain from your reproductive system. It also improves your muscles and helps your five vital organs and six viscera so your body can function without problems.
It works especially well for people who has cold hand and feet and people who have heat coming up to their faces.

Jaeumganghwa Tang

turtle 12g Dang-gwi 8g, Baegjag-yag 8g, Sugjihwang 6g, Saengjihwang 6g, Geonjihwang 4g, Maegmundong 6g, Cheonmundong 6g, Baegchul 6g, Jinpi4g, Hwangbaeg2g, Jimo 2g and Gamcho 2g
It good for people who doesn’t have cold feet and hands.
Basically it’s good for replenishing body fluids and strengthening the spleen abilities also it helps with nasogastric functions, besides this it helps with your blood flow and helps to provide nutrient to your skin.
The medicine above are things I have ate and even if it’s not the medicine above you can see effect by eating the medicine in the internet.
The materials for the medicine can be obtained from the internt without troube and I have written down what was helpful for me.
I have made these medicine and it helped me with my Rosacea by 90% and it cured my dry eye symptoms.

I say it’s 90% cured because I have cured the problems from my body but because of frequent laser, civil treatment and skin problems because of these treatment have made it not curable. If I had treated well correctly then I have no doubts that it would have cured it well.
Your body needs to produce your body fluids well to cool down your body, moisturize your skin and to clean your eyes with tears. Additionally your body need to control the flow of the water well in order to have the heat on the face to rise.
It differs for each person when the medcine is going to have effect so you need to have patience when applying these medicines.
If it’s your first time applying then you may experience sleepy, excessive urinating and other natural responses from the body.
Actually for each and different symptoms and type you need to modify the ingredients used in the medicine.
If you have met with experienced and skillful doctor and get treatment from them, you are lucky but, this article is for people who have not met that kind of doctors. Also the medicines used here have bit of poison so if you think you are cured then stop using it. Omija and Maegmundong can be drunk as tea and it’s alright to keep consuming them.
If you can’t use the hot pot or don’t have one, you can give the ingredients to local pharmacy to get it boiled.

Rosacea treatment tips
Mostly people who has Rosacea have very week and sensitive skin.
Normal people’s skin has pH of 5~6, it’s bit alkaline. Therefore using strong foam cleanser or scrubs on skin may damage the skin and unbalance the pH balance which makes it easy for bacteria to enter the skin.
That’s why it’s good to use cleanser that is bit on the alkaline side to have good skin.
For me I am using Badiba soap from New skin and I have been using it for a while now and it’s really good for sensitive skin. 
It’s good to used brush or artificial sponge to clean than using hands.
Also for people who has a lot of black heads, it’s good to use cleansing oil. The solidified sebum has to be melt down and it’s good to use oil
It’s hard to remove it all at once and you should not try to do so, massage it for a long time and even this might damage the skin so it should be done under 30 seconds for nose area.
If you are using it consistently then the amount of black heads will be reduced.
Additionally the cleanliness of bedding is necessary. Especially pillows are often more dirty than toilet seat.
Keyboards are also place for bacteria to grow. If you are typing on the keyboard and touch your face then it’s same as wiping bacteria on your face.
Keep your keyboard clean and it’s good to have habit of cleaning your hands frequently.

Also sunlight is Rosacea’s worst enemy. However using sunscreens will worsen the skin because of the chemical used in the sunscreen is bad for the skin for people with weak skin. Therefore it is recommended to use hat when going out in the sun.
In case of ladies if you are using powder puffs for a long time, it’s easy for the germs to grow and this will cause some skin troubles.
Therefore cleanliness for Rosacea patients are important.
And also there is no need to use expensive cosmetics.
Most people under the illusion of marketing for expensive cosmetics but it’s better to improve your vitals to improve your skin.
Cosmetics are cosmetics, it’s nothing more and nothing less than what it is.
It’s good to put on something that’s not stimulus to the skin. Aloe is good for moisturizing and calming the skin and for people who has oil on the nose it’s wise to apply toner only.
For people who have moderate damage on the skin, Innoderm is alright to use. If you have moisturizing cream that you are currently using then use that.
If you have a lot of skin trouble and have lots of pores on your face then wash your face with water that has chameleon plant in it and wash it with normal water afterwards a lot.
Chameleon plant are good for its antibacterial abilities and it’s used a lot in cosmetics. It is also used as tea for people who have excessive heat in their face and their body. It has cold aspect so it’s good for So-yang type people and should not be used for people who have cold feet and hands.
Try not to get stressed.

In order to control your stress you have to have scheduled lifestyle, controlled diet, enough sleep and calm mind but it’s hard to not to get stressed in Korean society structure. There will be a lot of Rosacea patients and this cycle will continue.
I have tried many things. I am writing this because I don’t want people like me experienced what I went through and that I want to be helpful for people who are in pain of Rosacea. I am going through the trouble and time to write what is needed most.
If you have benefitted from this please leave it in the comments what effect you’ve got from the article. 
Most Rosacea patients turn introspective because of it and can’t meet people well, stuck in house and spend miserable time at home. I know this because I have experienced it as well. Whenever I see these people it hurts me.
If you have any questions please email me and I will answer what I can.

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