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Does anyone else experience flushing on arms?

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Never had that.  The whole arm goes red?  I've been getting red ears lately even when I'm not otherwise flushed.  Sometimes just one ear.

Oh my god, I know your pain man. I hate when my ears warm up and turn red because it means my cheeks are going to go red in a few minutes and there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening. My arms actually are covered in little red bumps, which is apparently a common trait in those with KPRF. My only solution to combat the problem is to moisturize the area and wear long sleeves shirts, which fortunately you can do for most of the year in the the Midwest.

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I have had it happen to my arms a lot. Mostly the upper arms, but sometimes even the forearms.

Have you ever experienced it on your thighs before?? I have it happen to that area also.

Along with the face and chest. Ugh. It never stops.

Not on my thighs...just my face, chest and arms. Same as you, it's typically just bad on the upper arms. 

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I had red spots on the body  above  the  nipples line , on neck , arms , and of course on face and red ears.

But it happens very rarely, and 99% is flush after drinking large amounts of alcohol - not blushing episode.

Sometimes when I have an important business meeting ,on the neck appear red spots.

Sorry for my english  :)

Best regards



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