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Anyone got Gustatory Sweat.?

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I'm new to this forum. I had t2 clamped 1 ýear ago for fb. And got the clamp taken of 6 weeks later due to moderate to severe cs. CS has diminished alot since then. And it's not a big issue anymore.

But I developed gustatory Sweat for about 6 month ago. It started with a heavy goosebumps sensation while eating sour food like apples.

The goosebumps has now diminished and turned into real Sweat on forehead and under my eyes (and heat sensation) instead. Mainly with spicy food. But most food with any flavor gives me a wird sensation in the head. Not massive. But it's there. 

Anymore who has any experience in this I would appreciate. 

What to expect? Any chance it will go away again? Hov severe is it for you? Hov do you live with it.?



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