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Overall summation 

Best advice I can give is: 

1)    If chronic blushing is ruining your life to the point that you are, or almost are, suicidal, I would go for the surgery. I would chose the clamping version (with a greater chance of going back on the decision) and choose extended T2, also called T2 + T3 by some surgeons. 
Also, I would have it done sooner, rather than later. 

2)    Lasers work somewhat. So if some sort of heavy redness is the main problem, particularly with visible veins, this could work. I would only do this if you have the time and money, and do no more than 5-6 sessions. 

3)    Melanotan 2 work and with few side effects. If you think this is something that would benefit you, it is worth considering. 

4)    Live for more than yourself when you have found a solution – pay it forward!

5)    And last, do not only take my word for it. I have tried to be as honest as possible, but you stil have to decide for yourself and read about what can happen. All medical solutions do come with some risks, however my experience is that the information you will find on forums are (undeservingly) more negative than what the reality really is. 

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I have read through every word of the above and thank you tremendously for doing so.

I believe my decision has been made. After 5 years now of having life altering chronic blushing with the most recent option failing due to extreme side effects (effexor), you are right life is short and to have something that makes you suicidal because you cannot cope is clearly not okay.

I will be booking my consultation for ETS after years of floating on this group. Again thank you, I take yours and others comments on ETS on board along with the numerous papers I have researched. Time to take the risk, for I can go on no longer suffer the way I do.

I will be sure to record my progress within this site, like thankfully many others have done to allow others to make a decision on what is best for them.

I did have one question however, and apologise if it was covered above but don't believe it had been... Does having ETS in summer months in comparison to winter months during the 'body adjusting' period have any affect. I only say this as it will be likely I will be having this done in Summer (UK) and have read before that this can play a role in the level of CS.


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Hi everybody,

I know this thread is two years old, but I'd say it is probably the "best" thread on KPRF I've read so far, thank you guys for sharing!

I just wanted to contribute by saying I've created a forum specifically for KPRF that you can find at: www.kprf.boards.net .

I'm going to write everything I know about KPRF or any kind of news / solution that I find on internet or similar forums. 

I'm sure I'll copy and paste many posts of this thread too ehhe. This of course, time permitting eheh, so feel free to contribute!



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