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Bare Minerals neutralizing primer

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Hi all, i have not been on this website for about 10 years, but i felt that i needed to share this info with you all.  I have found what i think is some kind of help, its a cream from Bare Minerals, the neutralizing primer.  ive only tried this so far with 'excercising' blushing and not social blushing.  When i do a zumba class my face usually goes so purple (the same as in social situations) and i have worn this cream and then asked my mate at the end of the class is my face as red as usual and she says no how come? so when ive got home after a 10 minute walk and look in the mirror, i'm usually still purple from the class but when ive put this cream on i can honestly say im not as purple.  I can't wait to try it out in a social situation, although i realise that the 'excersize' blush and the social phobia blush are different.  


The cream is yellow when you first see it out of the pump, but after youve spread on your face, it looks like youre wearing nothing (so good for the guys too).  I know that not everything works the same for everyone, but if you do try it and it gives you some kind of help then i thought i have to tell you.  I know i was praying for a miracle when i was younger.  Ive been lucky that now i'm older i dont have to put myself in situations on a daily basis like when i was young, and i thank god for that, but obviously it is still there, rearing its ugly horrible head every now and then.


peace and love xx

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I tried this cream for about a week, it makes the skin very soft and the blushing was smoother for few days then it came back same as before. I stopped using it because I was afraid of damaging my skin since it was so cheap. 

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