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Despairing blusher please help

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Hi everyone

I am new to this group. I found you tonight whilst despairingly searching 'severe facial blushing and sweating'. I have been a blusher most of my life I think but remember it becoming a problem probably around the age of 13. now at the age of 30 the fb has become even more debilitating especially since falling pregnant to my second child and giving birth 3 months ago. I now find the fb is increasingly coupled with facial sweating which builds rapidly and can be triggered simply by my husband or family member focusing their attention on me or looking at me! It is becoming increasingly devastating and I do not understand why or how it has got so much worse and to this point. I feel like a freak of nature and cannot comprehend going back to work. I avoid all social situations and meetings with friends and don't even want to be around family for fear of this occurring. I desperately want ets surgery but have heard it is unavailable on the nhs (i am from the uk)

Thanks in advance for listening to me ramble! Hope to hear from someone soon. X

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