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ETS after 15 years - the best thing I ever did

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I had ETS in Australia after years of suffering all the horrible emotional and psychological symptoms of uncontrollable blushing. My blushing was so out of control, that I was also diagnosed with social phobia because going out in public just became so humiliating. ETS is honestly the best thing I ever did and I feel as though my life started again the day I had the surgery. I'm not certain I would still be here if I had not managed to find a solution to the condition I found so disabling.


When I woke from the anaesthetic, the first thing I noticed was the dryness of my hands. They felt slightly sand-papery, unusually dry. The dry hands is probably the worst side-effect for me, my hands (the palms and around the nails) get so dry that they are painful. I constantly use hand cream and am always looking for the next product that will treat the dryness, rather than just act as a temporary barrier. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips?


The post-operative pain was a surprise, breathing was quite difficult for 2-3 days and my lungs felt as though they were thoroughly bruised.


My nose, chin and top lip sweat quite a bit when I am eating or thinking about eating, not only spicy food but any type of food. This I consider to be a small issue and I have become used to it. Nobody else seems to notice. 


Compensatory sweating is definitely an issue, I sweat in places like my groin (not a good look!), feet, thighs and back if I am hot and especially if I am anxious. I manage this by wearing darker clothing. My wardrobe is full of black!


These days, I may blush if I am extremely embarrassed, the way I imagine "normal people" blush, but never to the excruciating degree that I used to and the blush is always brief. Whilst my particular side-effects from ETS can be annoying, they are a very acceptable trade-off for no longer blushing.



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Hi Ruby,


I'm happy that the results have been fairly positive for you!


Do you have any pictures of how intense the sweating is now ?


One of my problems with going for the surgery is the trade off 


Sweating instead of blushing





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I feel the same, my surgery was really successful and its changed my life! 

I have CS too but its only in 2 small patches on my back and it only occurs in hot heat. 

The surgery is amazing, I'm made up that I've had it done 

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