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Botox-Like Lotion Being Tested: No Needles Needed

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"Pause your summer fun for a moment and imagine rubbing-in a lotion (no, not sunscreen!) that can stop excessive sweating for months using the same sort of active ingredients as in Botox, but without any needles. The International Hyperhidrosis Society got an exclusive interview with the CEO of Anterios, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, that’s developing and testing a Botox-like skin lotion. According to Anterios’ CEO, the new lotion could be used to treat excessive armpit sweating, wrinkles, and acne; with months-long results.


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On 6/1/2016 at 1:51 AM, blushingman said:

Found an other link: http://www.sweathelp.org/hyperhidrosis-treatments/medications/170-media-contacts/319-new-lotion-is-like-botox-but-without-needles.html 

This was from 2016, so it looks like there hasn´t been any progress ....

Hey blushingman.. did you already tried out this yet? How about the effect dude? Thanks.

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