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Considering ETS for fb

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I have been considering ETS for severe fb for over ten years now.  I originally met a woman who had the surgery in Sweden with good results.  I then was going to have the surgery with Dr.Spratt in Toronto but I chickened out.  Now I am almost forty years old and I am so tired of this fb effecting EVERY area of my life.  I have heard that Dr.Spratt no longer does the surgery for fb, but then I also heard that he is retired too.  Does anyone have a surgeon that they would recommend for this surgery? 

I am mainly concerned with long term effects.  The cs I know about and I do not sweat very much to begin with.  But what about the other effects.........lowered heart rate, dry skin etc? 


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Hi, did you find a surgeon? Lowered heart rate isn't something I've noticed, my hands are more warm and dry than before but not enough for me to need to use creams. I do have 2 patches of CS on my back when its really hot x

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