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UK Journalist comment on blushing

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What a horrible comment made by a journalist about a co-worker on the telegraph website. Reading this is written proof that she is bullying someone in the work place.

I hope she suffers from it one day then she will realise how much pain she has put this person through.

To view the link replace - with .


"We are not heartless: we've given him helpful printouts on a medical condition known as Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythema – but they only made him turn red. "

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What a ****. She clearly gets a kick and feels all powerful by making a man blush, probably to make her feel less insecure herself! Its just typical of how non blushers just dont get it. I wish she could be that guy just for one day....

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What a horrible, unprofessional journalist. I feel so bad for this guy who works at The Telegraph and has to endure this constant bullying every day. Absolutely disgusting. I've quit jobs, ended relationships, lost friends and contemplated suicide because of this problem. Yeah, it's real funny Celia.

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The journalist has PROBABLY committed cyber bullying from what she wrote. It's there in black and white! proof of harassment!

"criminal law: Although bullying is

not a specific criminal offence in UK law, there

are laws that can apply in terms of harassing or

threatening behaviour, for example, or indeed

menacing and threatening communications. In

fact, some cyberbullying activities could be criminal

offences under a range of different laws, including

the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, which

has both criminal and civil provision, the Malicious

Communications Act 1988, section 127 of the

Communications Act 2003, and the Public Order

Act 1986."

Protection from Harassment Act 1997

Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994

Malicious Communications Act 1998/Telecommunications Act 1984

The Communications Act 2003

Breach of the Peace

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