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invitation to HH sufferers

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it is indeed complex and puzzling the effects of different remedies for treating hyperhidrosis; one method is effective to one person but not so with others, and vice versa. For me, both botox and iontophoresis (which i both tried) are not really satisfying. and i am not encouraging you to undergo surgery..

nevertheless, we should have a positive outlook whatever the outcome is. we should always look at the brighter side on whatever God has given to us..

I would like to invite all HH sufferers to my new weblog THE ENLIGHTENED HYPERHIDROSIS SOCIETY. This is a virtual community for sweaty individuals like us, aiming for a location-specific circle of HH friends. Below is the excerpt of the homepage:

"And this blog is what it is all about. That is, forming our circle of friends RIGHT HERE in this site. I purposely created this as a virtual support group in a worldwide range so that even the clammiest person in the remotest part of the world can partake in this relieving endeavor."

You can post your comments as you like and find your fellow HH friends on the location-specific page where are coming from.

I am looking forward to meet all you there and open yourself to the relief and strength this world offers. "We have so much to discover and share."

im knowell from philippines and with a palmo-plantar HH.

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