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Cigarette and its Constituents

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Smoking is responsible for about 15% of all deaths around the world. The reason for smoking being so dangerous is due to the constituents of cigarette. Cigarettes are known to be made of a number of dangerous chemicals.

While smoking, an incomplete combustion of tobacco leaf takes place leading to the production of an aerosol. The temperature at the tip of a burning cigarette is almost 900 degree Celsius and that at the mouth piece is almost 30 degree Celsius. Tobacco smoke is known to contain almost 4000 chemicals. Out of these 43 are carcinogenic. The total weight of the smoke is in the gas form which constitutes to about 92-95%. Nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide constitute 85%. The remaining gases, droplets of small particles and uncondensed vapors are of medical importance. The smoke is mainly made up of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Nicotine is known to be highly addictive and toxic like heroin and cocaine. It changes the mood of the smoker by stimulating and depressing the nervous system. It increases the output, muscle force, excitability, rate and oxygen consumption of the heart. Tar contains cancerous substances which initiates cancer formation. It includes chemicals like polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (Ben Zypyrine), tar (trace elements), Beta - Naphthylamines (Hydrazine), and also N - Nitrosamines (Vinyl Chloride). Some substances act as lung irritants which cause immediate coughing, spasm and obstruction in breathing passages. Ammonia, formaldehyde and oxides of nitrogen present in the smoke act as cellular irritants. Carbon monoxide which easily binds with hemoglobin decreases the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

A smoker must choose one among the many Ways to stop smoking .

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