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4 and 1/2 years update

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I was browsing through posts on this forum for the first time in a long time and came across this post in the "Official Post-ETS results" thread that was directed to me:

Apologies for breaking this thread, but I've just had an "Oh my God!" moment.

This survey has revealed that both Sweatsucks & ETSsuccess have both had their ETS surgeries within the six month honeymoon period. Accordingly, this is far too early to be commenting on the success or not of any ETS operation.

Nevertheless, I wish both ETSsucess & Sweatsucks every success with their ETS operation.

I truly hope that this doesn't happen, but if either of you are struck with the side effects of socially debilitating compensatory sweating - which is so severe that it soaks through several layers of clothing - even when in moderate temperatures or when taking mild exercise such as a walk around a park. Then please don't abandon the forum for risk of ridicule or from any sense of fearing an outbreak of schadenfreude from those that may cry: "Told you so!"

[ http://www.answers.com/topic/schadenfreude ]

I hope that both you guys and all the other who have undertaken or about to undergo ETS are all lucky in avoiding any of the severe side effects.

All my best to each and everyone of you.

With love,

Miss Lavish xx

So.....I thought I'd drop a line. My last update was well over 2 years ago. Not much to report, I would still say ETS has changed my life and I am pleased with the results. CS is sometimes annoying but I have learned to deal with it, it's FAR less a nuisance than sweaty hands. When its very hot or I'm exercising I do have to wear black or layers a lot of the time, but it is in no way debilitating.

As for the memory of sweaty hands, I can't believe I even put up with that sh!t for so long. I still remember like it was yesterday that I had sweaty hands....and I even still have nightmares about it. They feel so real and I wake up and realize my hands are dry and feel relief.

I get some gustatory sweating with certain foods and even thinking about certain foods....but no big deal.

I would say over the past four years side effects have neither improved or increased. The outcome was what was expecting, more or less. One surprise is how soft my hands have remained....not too dry at all but still sweat-free. And I never need lotion. As for my feet, they remain a problem I control with frequent applications of Drysol.

In all, my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

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Glad it's worked out well for you mate. :)

Still have terrible regrets about mine though, worst decisions of my life, was 1000x happier before the operations with dripping hands and feet, screw ETS. :cry: :cry: :cry:

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