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Do I have rosacea?

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From the age of 14/15 i've had mildly red skin on my upper cheeks and the middle of my forehead. I used to have acne which involved me applying lots of products, I also had an outbreak of eczema at one point. The redness has always been there since.

Today I applied a steroid called dermovate to a small spot of eczema on my cheek. Since, this area of skin has turned pale/normal colour, whilst the surrounding skin is still red. I've done this before so I know it will be back to normal tomorrow.

Since dermovate is a steroid, i'm guessing it's caused the blood vessels in the skin to shrink temporarily, which leads me to believe I do actually have rosacea (dilated blood vessels)? My skin isn't painful. Also where i never had acne (beard line, sides of my temple etc), the skin is perfectly normal. Can steroid/cream use cause some kind of rosacea?

I didn't know how else to explain all of that, but any help is much appreciated!

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