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World Cup 2010

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England meets Germany...so, I guess you end out! :D
fair shout mate,we were taught a lesson by the germans,no excuses this time as we were awful.weve got to face years of abuse now from the krauts but they deserve their time in the sun because they were magnificent.auf wiedersen enrique you cnut.

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this thread was one of the most recent? :roll:

Nothing going on in here....

Indeed, this forum appears to be dying.

This will probably be my last post here, at least for a while. I will be deleting ESFB from my bookmarks. With all due respect, I find the SAUK forums much better - you can find me over there, under the username "wjfox".

I can also be contacted via my personal website (link in signature).

Bye for now, and good luck everyone... 8)

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