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Hello, everyone my name is Joseph, I am 21 years old, I am not new to the forum but my last post was back in 2008 on another account on a more depressing note. Anyway, I studied to be a chef, and have been working the past year in a restaurant up until a few weeks ago. I had to leave because everything was just getting out of control. For example, I would shower before I went to work which would make me flush and blush bad. When I got to work the heat of the hot kitchen would make it much worse, and on top of all that the heat from opening the oven door, or standing over the grill, it would just push me over the limit. My colleagues would plainly laugh in my face; I just could not take it anymore.

All of this led me to search the internet for any alternative, just as long I could be in a healthier work environment. I found a fantastic opportunity with Google Adsense and Blogger; I will not go in to much detail about this on here because I have set up a special blog to explain how everything works. If you are interested please let me know and I will help you in anyway possible.

Since my last post, I have come back on regular basis to check for any new treatments or just in general. I have noticed there is a certain member in the community who intends on making everyone’s life more miserable than it already is. This is why I have not put a direct link to the blog.

Thank You for reading



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