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First 2 IPLs

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Hello everyone. Just wanted to give some feedback on IPL treatments I am having. I am a 23 year old bloke and have suffered from bad flushing all my life. About 5 years ago I had 2 treatments with Dr Patterson at Woodford Medical, results were remarkable but I just couldn't afford any more, being a student. Recently things got bad so decided to go back and have 4-5. I have to say, the results have been incredible. Flushing has been eliminated by about 70% and permanent redness about 75%. I also suffer from blushing and about 3 weeks ago got prescribed propranalol. This has quite frankly changed my life. I am on 80mg once per day and I have not blushed once since I started on them. The IPL is expensive but I have the best team working on my skin. I plan on having 2-3 more then 1-2 per year top up treatments. I would urge anyone to give this a go. I used to be on here all the time feeling sh** but there are treatments out there to keep this at bay, no doubt about it. I will be putting a full report on the rosacea treatment report forum as soon as I have all of the treatment.



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