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What I've tried...

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Hello all,

I have been lurking for many weeks reading through posts. I've had social phobia since a child (I am now in my upper 30'). I can say I truly believe there is a genetic predisposition for this, as my mom had panic attacks while carrying me. My symptoms include the things listed in this board: blushing, sweating, trembly voice, racing heart... although the ones that bother me the most are the first two, since people can see those

I have tried many non prescription methods for dealing with this:



traditional therapy ("talking it out")


herbal remedies


essential oils



elimination stimulants from my diet

All of these have had helped me to be a more centered person and have improved the quality of my life. However, they have NOT taken away or reduced the social phobia/sweating/blushing in any significant way.

The only thing that does is Xanax. Although it is addictive, and makes me terribly tired and I don't function well at work when I'm on it (which is where I really need it).

I am now ready (and NEED) to try medications (other than xanax). My life is suffering too much because of this condition.

I have read these posts and become lost in a sea of information.

I'm hoping someone can suggest meds that I can research more. My main concerns:

***1. I don't want severe withdrawl once I quite, as I plan to use the meds for a year or two, but when I get pregnant, I will need to get off.

***2. I already struggle with my weight, so I can't have a med that will cause weight gain, as that will effect my self esteem more.

***3. A med that won't contribute to hair loss. Stress has already made chunks fall out :(

Please...please give suggestions. I have become so confused as I've read through all these posts...

Thank you from the BOTTOM of my heart.

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