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Melanotan 1 and 2 Possible cure more info

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K i want to start a new post on this since the old ones didnt bring in any information on the product.

I have been doing some research about this product and found that several people have reported that melanotan2 have cured them off roscea. In teh research i made few people have stated that infact melotan have thickened their epidermis. There are few posts you can look over from teh links i place under this post.



this one is most interesting becouse it shows whole trial of one nicknamed RedBeard showing the effects of him using Melanotan over long time. There are some side effects that he deals with but you can read all about it from his postings.


here u have a post of some other positive effects on teh subject really worth looking through

Keep in mind that Melanotan has not been FDA approved.


FDA has not done any testing to verify if the product is in fact dangerous or not, we can only rely on the testimonies of those that have trialed on themselves.

PLZ do more research on the subject on youre own time and if you find something interesting plz post it Here.

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No going to sunbed is gone give u usual tank that u get which is light with melanotan u will get dark tank brown without sun burning, + Sunbed is harmful and increases blushing sicne it irritates skin it actuallu bad for you with melanotan u can spent small amount of time on sun and get really dark

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ive posted bout this a while ago, i can only find this stuff in injection form, its great as most blushers are pale, this will tan anybody by producing synthetic melatonin it can give anyone a tan!!!!

i would love to use this stuff, but dont fancy injecting it into my stomach

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