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I don't really mean to complain, but I think that one of the reasons why many people haven't been posting is that the old site was a bit better.

I don't understand why they had to change it, since the contents of this one are pretty much the same, but with an uglier background. And why aren't people's ages listed?? I think that's a real important factor in the topics which are discussed here, suck as hyperhydrosis, etc.

I don't know, anyhow, I'm still glad we have SOMETHING, which can still link us to some sort of comfort in all that we go through. And it's good to open this site with the hopes that maybe some of us, came up with a cure at last!!!! Don't give up!!!!

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I think you are right, and you did manage to emabarass me for what I wrote and was thinking. The colour of the background has nothing to do with how we cope with our "issues". And, you're right;maybe people have actually realized that they don't need this site. Personally, when I first found it I thought it was a good thing to find all these people that are going through the same thing. However, lately, I find it's true what many have said, that reading about our problems over and over makesus think about them more and have them on our minds most all the time, even more than we ever did.

Anyhow, it's good that this site exists. Those who want to use it can use it, and those who don't for whatever reason, have the choice to never read it again.

I just hope everyone can find at least some light in it, or anywhere else at all.

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or it may also be a trust issue. For those of us who were here before, we saw a very ugly side of people. And many games insued.

if it were not for the fact i believe ETS is something that future patients should be thoroughly informed about--I would not be here either

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Mira lo que se avecina a la vuelta de la esquina

Viene Diego rumbeando

Con la luna en las pupilas

Y su traje agua marina

Van restos de contrabando

Y donde mas no cabe un alma

Alli mete a darse caña

Poseído por el ritmo ragatanga

Y el DJ que lo conoce toca el himno de las 12

Para Diego la canción más deseada

Y la baila!

Y la goza!

Y la cantaaaaaaaa!

aserejé ja de je

de jebe tu de jebere

seibiunouva majavi

an de bugui an de güididípi

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