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TV Programme - Embarrasing bodies

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There is a TV porgramme called Embarrassing bodies here in the UK, anyway a women with bad rosacea (she also blushed) was on talking to one of the doctors. They said that rosacea can be cured by going on a course of special antibiotics for 6 months.

Has anyone else ever heard of this treatment? The doctor said she would have to get referred to a dermotoligist then they would take things from there. Sounded as if it was a definite goer and she would be cured.

As for the blushing the doctor said she should just learn to live with it as that is the way she was....not a care in the world from the doctor, kind of just swept it under the carpet :x

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This is the generic answer that you'll receive from GP's.

Yes, it is true that SOME rosacean's experience relief from their rosacea breakout's using certain prescription anti-biotics.

Two problems though...

Firstly, the relief tends to be limited and does not stretch to flushing or redness. This modality thinks of rosacea as a 'rash' or 'breakout'.

Secondly, and probably more significantly, this treatment involves using anti-biotic medications indefinitely. What the long-term implications of this could be I don't even want to consider!


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