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Finally a possible treatment/cure for blushing!!

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It seems to me that while we are waiting for topicals such as SansRosa etc there is one possible treatment avaliable right now that might rid us of this dreadful problem with FB!

Botox Treatment is currently being done in the UK at Woodford Medical.

Some people at the forum such as Bob Bear has already tried this treatment, with great success! He says he was unable to blush at the treated areas!

I am now trying to get an appointment at the clinic and will later be booking a flight from Sweden to try this!

This may seriously be A WORKING TREATMENT FOR FACIAL BLUSHING and avaliable already today!!

This should be breaking news for many blushers! I got an infosheet from the clinic with Q&A:s:


Commonly asked questions.

At Woodford Medical we have been treating facial blushing for 6 years. Many clients will already have had IPL fotofacials prior to attempting botox treatment. Results have significantly improved with better techniques, a better understanding of correct dosing, improved client selection and the correct use of IPL fotofacials prior to Botox therapy.

Who is suitable for Botox for facial blushing?

With experience success has dramatically improved since we have introduced careful selection of those with true blushing. Blushing is a rapid appearance of redness in the skin commonly triggered by social events such as anxiety or embarrassment. Flushing is a separate mechanism often commencing over a greater period of time and triggered by other stimuli such as exercise and heat changes. In practice blushing and flushing may merge into one entity and artificial distinctions may be unhelpful in deciding who is likely to best respond. In many instances only an actual treatment with Botox will reveal who will successfully respond.

Should IPL fotofacials be considered first?

Those clients that have a degree of resting facial redness or visible facial veins are probably wiser to consider IPL first. Likewise those with predominately flushing should consider IPL as this is likely to significantly reduce the symptoms. IPL fotofacials in experienced hands using the latest technology are still the gold standard in managing unwanted facial redness. On average those with flushing undergoing a course of IPL should expect a 70 to 85% reduction in their symptoms.

How does Botox work in facial blushing?

It is postulated that Botox blocks the communication between the nerve endings that are running into the skin and the blood vessels. This means that the stimulus for the blood vessel to open or dilate is blocked and the vessels stay closed.

What side effects are to be expected?

The skin will have some small insect- like bites dotted evenly over the area. This disappears by the next day. Occasionally small bruises may appear rather like small felt tip pen marks. These disappear over a matter of days. In a small number of cases (we estimate less than 5%) there may be subtle effects on facial movements such as a reduction in the movement of the side of the face when smiling. If this does occur it generally eases after 3 to 4 weeks and is not noticeable. All such effects of Botox always wear off and cannot persist.

Do the Botox injections hurt?

The sensation is like a slight pricking feeling. There will be a small injection of the Botox just under the skin with roughly one injection every square centimetre.

How long does the effect last?

The effect can last from 2 to 12 months. The average duration of action appears to be three to four months with typical clients returning 4 monthly for retreating.

Can treatment be performed at the first visit?

Yes generally most clients will wish to proceed at that first visit.

How long does the procedure take?

The injection of the Botox will take only 10 to 15 minutes with you being able to get up from the couch and go home straight away.

Are there any restrictions after the treatment?

Frankly none but we do ask that you do not rub the area vigorously on the day of treatment. Make up may be applied straight away.

Who will perform your treatment?

At Woodford Medical only qualified doctors will perform your Botox treatments.

How much do we charge for Botox treatments for blushing?

The cost of a session on the cheeks and nose is £350



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Botox is an effective treatment. I had it, but bear in mind it will smooth out any wrinkles or laughter-lines around your eyes which might make it noticeable to family/friends, especially when you smile. If you get a lot of laughter-lines and you don't want them temporarily gone, mention it to Dr Patterson. When I had the treatment I didn't take this into account and he mentioned they would be gone as he was injecting!! This gave me a bit of a fright. He didn't need to do it around my eyes, but he wasn't to know. None of my friends/family mentioned anything but I'm sure I got the odd funny look :?

Good luck to anyone who goes through with this.

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Here is their response to my question how effective the treatment is for facial blushing:

"Success rates are roughly one third very pleased and repeat regularly every 3 to 6 months. One third see an improvement but not enough to want to repeat. One third see little if any difference. Results have improved with better techniques and patient selection."

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Another response:

"As for reasons for non effect. Seems to be less effective in those with predominate flushing. Better if more blushing the problem. Blushing is mainly a sympathetic mediated problem and this is what botox targets - the sympathetic nerve connections that communicate with the skin vessels. The sympathetic system sends signals to them to dilate."

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Hi Mr Tomato. I have been meaning to reply to you but hadnt actually written on here in so long I forgot my login details!

I have followed your posts closely and completely agree this sounds like the first thing since ETS that might actually have decent results (and without the risks of an operation). I am going to call the clinic today and arrange an appointment. I will let everyone know how it goes.

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Hi all!

I had botox last year with Dr.P. It was brilliant, reduced both my flushing and blushing by around 70%, which was a major improvement for me. I was able to sucessfully cover the rest with make up so i was nearly blush free! It has worn off now though but i am looking into having a few IPL's to calm down my rosacea before i go for some more botox to blank the blushing!

It really is the best treatment out there, however it dosen't work for everyone and i wouldn't go and see anyone other than dr.P as i previously tried another dr for it and he injected it wrong and it didnt work. It's quite an art to get it just under the skin!!

Dont be worried about going, their really nice down at the clinic. You may as well give it a try, least then you will know if it works for you!


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Finally a reaction for a least some people! :)

I am trying to get an apponintment in the coming weeks. Just gotta time it with my work and with avaliable flights from Sweden.

It's just so worth all the trouble though if it actually works!

I am actually having dreams about how my life could change if it could rid me of my blushing....

The clinic should start advertising they do these kinds of treatment.

There should be a much larger market for this then they are experiencing right now!

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Hi Mr_Tomato,

I had some problems with my login, but finally found it again.

Yes this botox treatment can be the best thing around since ETS, even better because without those devastating side effect!

I'm schedule to go on June 10 for my treatment, so i'll keep you posted about my results, but I’m very excited that there is a potential with this!

Take care,


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I have now gotten an appointment at dr Pattersson for the botox injections!

Will be flying there from Sweden on the 23:rd of may. Will of course keep you posted on the results! :)

There are a couple of people from the forum having their treatment there in the coming weeks.

Just a bit surprised there isn't hundreds of people from these forums wanting to try to be free of their blushing??

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Hey guys,

does the botox stop the feeling that you are blushing or is the feeling the same but the result different ie face doesn't go red. I know of one person that had it done in Australia and it was very successful for her. I tried it but found it hard to tell. i still felt like i was blushing. people at work are very used to it so they normally don't comment so it was hard to tell. I'm thinking of trying it again and asking the doctor to do a test patch on one side so i can try and tell the difference.

thanks for any info.



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I think also that you still feel the blushing sensation, the pumping hearth, the blood rushing toward your upper body and the tingling sensation on your face. But this time with Botox the blood won't reach the last layer of your face skin, so the redness won’t be so obvious.

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