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Has anyone tried CBT

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CBT is an excellent option, especially for blushers or also social phobics.

After all, we may have inadvertantly "trained" ourselves to fear situations that are supposed to be enjoyable...such as parties, family gatherings and social situations.

CBT can also help different aspects of your life and aid with undesirable behaviors. There are many resources out there. Good luck!

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Enrique- you are not a blusher so why do you only post things to bother others on this forum?

Maybe you think its funny but its really not.

I just dont think that you are helpful with your mean comments.

Marc (Enrique) is part of the woodwork around here. He's been part of this forum for as long as I can remember. He mocks this place, and he mocks its inhabitants, but ultimately he needs it more than anyone. I'm not entirely certain why... but he does.

And to be honest, he makes me chuckle :lol:


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