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Out of wonder, has anybody with a negative experience of ETS actually only had the T4/T5 Sympathectomy?

I've been doing a bit of research, and there's now a lot of info coming out about surgery for both Palmar and Axillary hyperhidrosis in which only the T4 and T5 Ganglia are effected. From what I can gather, if you don't touch the T2 or T3 ganglia the body is still able to sweat above the nipple line, which means the head can still sweat and therefore sweating is spread slightly more evenly. From the reports I'm reading it seems that the severity of CS seems to be reduced greatly for the T4/T5 patients - with the only downfall being that the success rate also falls by about 10%.

Here's a couple of the articles I've read so far about the subject.




I'm unaware as to what effect a T4/T5 cut would have on all the other risky side effects of ETS, but by the very least it seems to be reducing the severity of CS.

I should point out that I'm not pro-ETS, and I'm not anti-ETS, I'm impartial and just happen to be doing research on the subject before I make the decision.

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