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clonidine and monoxidine for FB

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I have always fought against shyness/ blushing and actually have a job that would terrify most blushers as I give presentations to hundreds of people regularly.

However, in the past I found prozac and escitalopram quite effective in preventing blushing. Unfortunately it affects my life and behaviour though, as well as exercise efficiency for some reason, so I am looking for another alternative, before I finally look into ETS.

I have been using beta blockers for years and years to calm myself before a presentation but this is mainly for anxiety rather than blushing. I was wondering if anyone with experience or better still medical knowledge has used/ knows about monoxidine and clonidine. Could you tell me if they can be used occasionally rather than every day, if they can be used with beta blockers, and how effective they are?

I would appreciate your comments. Thanks a lot! manonthemoon

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