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What do you guys do for a living????

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What do you guys do for a living and how has Rosacea or Flushing affected your career. Myself I'm a classically trained concert pianist, who can't even practice now without flushing. I'm taking time off performing for a few years and have been bartending and now because of the heat being turned up to about 25 degrees celsius, I flush all the time, and being a very busy bar, everybody notices!!

I know this is a personal question, but hey, it's a personal site!!

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I recently finished my education (audio technology). Since then Iv been working on a solo sound design project which should be completed by Christmas. I hope to more from this into a media sound design and possible composition.

Through out my education I worked in off and on in retail, but I quit due to my escilating rosacea problem (1-0 to rosacea!).

I may set up private tuition in classical and contempary guitar next year. Problem is I too flush badly from performing or heavy practice (only on guitar though funnily enough). Im hoping this camouflage cream will provide me with enough get through a few lessons a night!

So rosacea has been a hinderence im my career. However, in some ways it helped - spending the last few years with rosacea has caused me to become very devoted to my work and as a result Iv made immense progress. Without rosacea Id probably working a bog standard 9 til 5 (which I cant handly, stiffles my creativity and makes me depressed). In that respect, rosacea has done me a favor (1-1 :wink: ).

See, I believe you have to try to turn a bad situation around into something good. It might seem hopeless sometimes, but life is funny and who knows how things will turn out! If I were you I'd get a good fan and an ice slushing, then hammer it out on the ivories all day - become the best damn pianist you can. Then when treatments are released to control your rosacea you can hit the concert scene with a blast!

Btw, just listening to the Grieg Concerto, I love that piece!

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