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Miss Lavish

A New Treatment for Rosacea

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Hello All,

The following is from an article that appeared in the health section of the Daily Mail newspaper (27th March 2007)


A new treatment could help millions suffering from rosacea. The skin gel is the first prescription non-antibiotic treatment in over a decade to treat the disfiguring, incurable problem of rosacea.

Previous treatments, including laser therapy, oral and topical antibiotics have had limited success. But clinical trials show Finacea Gel works better than the most widely used antibiotic gel, with longer-lasting effects.

Finacea contains 15% azelaic acid that reduces the characteristic facial redness and spots affecting the nose, forehead, cheeks and the area around the mouth.

Pop star Ricky Wilson, lead singer with the Kaiser Chiefs, is among an estimated six million Britions suffering from the problem, which can get worse if left untreated.

Consultant dermatologist Dr Ed Seaton, of the Royal Free Hospital, London, said that the condition is often mistaken for adult acne, but in its severe stages can make the nose appear deformed, red and bulbous.

He said there was a lack of treatments for patients who can become recluses because they are so embarrassed.

Surveys show that seven in ten sufferers feel that rosacea has sapped their self-confidence and affected their working life. While Two in Five have avoided being seen in public and cancelled social plans. One in three admits to calling in sick at work because of it.

Dr Seaton said "this potentially debilitating and disfiguring skin condition has been difficult to treat, but there is convincing evidence backing this treatment"

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