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ok yes im joking,im not that good a cross dresser :lol:











ha this ones funny,when i worked on the mines in australia


some of them dont show my ff too bad but i person my face always looks red,i guess i hold onto the ones i sort of like 8)

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Btw, might sound daft, but do you use a sunscreen?

The tan helps disguise redness, but it comes with a price! Use a good sunscreen at all times if you dont already. Dr Bear's strictest orders! :wink:


to be honest i didnt use it much but i do know!!does it make your redness worse in the long run?

oz is great so easy to travel and meet people,i think anyone who has the money should do it,its a sence of freedom you get which i like!!

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she was taking the picture lol

yeah i am enjoying life but i know i could met so many more cool people and a real nice girl if i didnt blush.

i guess it makes us who we are,i have lots of friends but would i have the same amount if i was a cocky non-blusher??

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