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I have just made a wonderful discovery. I've just tried a self-heating can of Wolfgang Puck's Rich Mocha Latte.

You keep in your cupboard. Then when you want to take a latte with you, you just punch a button on the bottome of the can. Wait 6 to 8 minutes. When the hot spot changes from pink to white, shake it up, and presto - you have a piping hot latte to take in the car with you. Three cheers for Wolfgang!

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I love lattes. And this one sounds as if it appears through magic ...something only Robin Goodfellow can truly appreciate.

Wow, I just might have one right now.

The appled left turn sounds appealing, too. That's it! Tomorrow I'm eating an apple, drinking a latte and taking a left turn all at once!!! What a great way to instigate trouble.

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