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Me trying to keep cool

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I was going to say dude, if it doesn't get any worse, I'd be questioning your existence here! The first pic you're not red at all - look like me if I was ill (after all my laser treatments!)

UK is where it's at for beers guys. One of the local pubs does ales and another does flavoured beers! Not my cup of tea to get smashed up on, but good to taste. I unfortunately have been known to drink Aussie pi$$ (Fosters). My worst is a pint of the old wife beater - more chemicals than a cigarette I reckon.

Interesting fact about Stella actually - it's the only lager/beer that a barmaid told me that you don't have to clean the pipes of the pumps for... it cleans itself.. like bleach. Worrying.

By the way, I'd definitely get your mates to go and see a doctor about their apparent facial hair problems....

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