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Found 4 results

  1. Dear everyone reading, I recently had an endoscopic sympathetic block performed - 1 month ago. Essentially is is ETS (which most people here are familiar with) but with a placement of titanium clips on the nerves. So far, I have not blushed. I have some CS, on my feet and on my back at about a 3/10 and a 5/10 when stressed. It is a wonderful trade and I recommend anyone who is thinking of getting ESB to go ahead. P.S: I am not saying it is a better alternative to ETS, I am just telling everyone my experience. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer all.
  2. Just another episode of my horrific facial blushing. This was taken right when I got out of the doctor's office. They advised me that surgery is not an option yet. I wanted ETS so badly, I am devastated.
  3. Hello Guys, I think im gonna give it a try to EFFEXOR before having ETS. I have heard in past posts that this pill really helps Facial blushing. I got to the point where I tried everything creams, sertroline, hypnosis therapy, working with my mind to stay positive, avoid public speaking, avoid moments where I would blush, indereal pills,etc. That have not helped me at all. The only two things that are helping me so far are make up and telling my husband about this problem. I feel his support sometimes and I dont have to worry about turning red infront of him. Also, if im trying to avoid a social situation where I would blush he understand and supports me. Make up is also a huge help for this problem. I can not go out without make up. I spent 10 mins everyday getting ready with my make up routine and its really worth it. Plus, I makes me look cute(before I would go out to work or stores looking all messy, not anymore) So, I will also try EFFEXOR. If someone have tried this medicine please let me know. I will talk to my GP to see if he would prescribe them and will take them for 4 months even though I have bad side effects(i know my body has to get used to it) then after 4 months I will know if it truly helpmed me. If someone knows or have try this pills please share. I will love to hear successful or unsuccessful stories. God bless everybody and remember life is good!!!!
  4. Can you remember how and when your facial blushing started? What triggered it? In my case, it was back in high school when I was 17 years old. There was a guy who liked me and used to turn red when he saw me. I didnt like him at all but all the sudden I started turning red every time I saw him. It got worse day after day until today 8 years later.
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