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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! Just came across this video of a top surgeon explaining compensatory sweating (CS), and I wanted to share it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGIc-kWR2_M It's kind of disgusting to hear how severe this side effect can be. And being that this is coming from a surgeon, it's not just a horror story from a dissatisfied patient, but something that clearly this surgeon has documented. Here are his own words: "And there are some that develop what I call a severe form of compensatory sweating, where it just soaks through your clothes. And it is not if you are outside exercising, or inside exercising, or you are outside in heat or humidity. People will sweat, and should sweat, in situations like that. But if you are like in an air-conditioned environment, like I am now, and it's soaking though my shirt, or the lower back, or even my pants or the groin. It's soaking through clothes, that's compensatory sweating" - Dr. David Nielson This also show what I have been reading on other forums; that it maybe should be called reflex sweating instead of compensatory sweating, since it is not like you sweat the same amount as before, just that everything now goes below the nipple line. You actually sweat a lot more, an increased amount. As I understand it, this is the body's way of reacting when hurting (healthy) nerves, and I believe this can be seen for instance when people have been in car accidents. Where nerves have been damaged, and the person involved afterwards sweats a lot more. Me personally, when being ill, I sweat al lot more, but I don't know if that is relevant to having nerves destroyed.
  2. I had ETS in Australia after years of suffering all the horrible emotional and psychological symptoms of uncontrollable blushing. My blushing was so out of control, that I was also diagnosed with social phobia because going out in public just became so humiliating. ETS is honestly the best thing I ever did and I feel as though my life started again the day I had the surgery. I'm not certain I would still be here if I had not managed to find a solution to the condition I found so disabling. When I woke from the anaesthetic, the first thing I noticed was the dryness of my hands. They felt slightly sand-papery, unusually dry. The dry hands is probably the worst side-effect for me, my hands (the palms and around the nails) get so dry that they are painful. I constantly use hand cream and am always looking for the next product that will treat the dryness, rather than just act as a temporary barrier. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips? The post-operative pain was a surprise, breathing was quite difficult for 2-3 days and my lungs felt as though they were thoroughly bruised. My nose, chin and top lip sweat quite a bit when I am eating or thinking about eating, not only spicy food but any type of food. This I consider to be a small issue and I have become used to it. Nobody else seems to notice. Compensatory sweating is definitely an issue, I sweat in places like my groin (not a good look!), feet, thighs and back if I am hot and especially if I am anxious. I manage this by wearing darker clothing. My wardrobe is full of black! These days, I may blush if I am extremely embarrassed, the way I imagine "normal people" blush, but never to the excruciating degree that I used to and the blush is always brief. Whilst my particular side-effects from ETS can be annoying, they are a very acceptable trade-off for no longer blushing.
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