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Found 2 results

  1. Does anyone else have the same problems I do with food as a trigger, and also the cold? Having had my condition now many decades now, I have reached the point where if anyone tells me they are in a worse state than me, I won't believe them! I'm a hermit now, rarely go out, and have no friends at all now because all forms of social activity are impossible. But my main reason for this post is to see if I'm the only one who has so many problems with food, as well as cold temperatures. When I start to get hungry, my face begins to burn (I don't call it blushing because I hate the word and also it implies embarrasment). I cannot eat without a fan blowing at me, then after I have eaten I get a different type of burning for a couple of hours, which, if I have eaten too much, turns into an unbelievably intense firey torture which last for hours. The cold is even worse! At temperatures below 12 deg my hands and feet start feeling very odd and my face starts to heat up. The colder it gets, the worse it is. Once in single digits my life becomes torture, my face burning uncontrollably while being unable to feel my extremities at all. I was unable to function in the UK winters so now have no option but to go abroad for 6 months, whether I want to or not! Am I the only one? Does anyone else have similar triggers that aren't emotion based but are 100% physical?
  2. Hi! The most common side effect I read about from the blushing surgery is compensatory sweating (CS). It seems you are almost guaranteed to get at least a little bit of this. But two other side effects I read about is extremely cold hands and fatigue/tiredness. I was wondering how common these side effects are. If it is extremely rare, or if it is as common as CS. To all of you who have had surgery done for blushing, do you have colder hands than before? I have read several posts about people having extra warm hands for a year, and then having permanently extremely cold hands thereafter. Do you have this, and if so, how bad is it? Are you more tired than before? If so, how is this affecting your life? Cheers
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