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Found 4 results

  1. I was diagnosed at 13. I've had laser treatments. I'm now upcoming a birthday, 35. I feel like no one understands. The blushing has reduced in my age. But that is because everything I do is focused to 'CONTROL' the redness. EMOTIONS, heat, room temperature, food. I've given up so much just trying to not blush. And yet all my effort gets made fun of. Every minute of every day must be planned. When I speak to others, they either don't acknowledge or they belittle the condition. - "Get over it" I'm not a debbie downer, but I want to connect with people who can understand how I feel. I'm sorry, I'm in a rare mood. Contact me if you would like to talk.
  2. Has anyone had ets for facial blushing. Can you please go over your situation and how it has affected you before and after surgery. Every little detail helps thanks. Also please go into details of the blush. How it comes on how it feels etc. E.g. mine gets hotter and hotter and feels really uncomfortable. Does anyone get the immense heat with their blushing.
  3. I want to know how many persons are here that only blush because of social interaction, without getting red because of other factors like temperature, exercising, alcohol, food etc.. I ask because i think those are 2 different problems, one is caused by a physical issue and the other one by psychological problems.. we might have different cures.
  4. Hi all, I cover my blushing with make up and it completely hides it. It feels so good to not have to worry about blushing like I used to. But since I blush on my neck I use make up all the way down and this marks my collar, which is so embarrassing especially because I'm male! lolololol I now wear t shirts but I still get make up marks around the top. I've tried hairspray but it still marks. I'm yet to try setting sprays but I doubt they would be stronger than hairspray. I've tried setting powder but it still marks, and if I use a lot it looks powdery obvious. How do you guys (and girls) use coverage on your necks without it marking your clothing? Thanks in advance.
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