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Found 30 results

  1. As I have realized that medicines/drugs actually can help reducing blushing at a significant level, I decided to read up on it as much as possible. I have therefore gained some knowledge that I believe some will find valuable. For people only suffering with blushing at certain situations, like presentations, taking Propranolol (a beta blocker) and/or Benzodiazepines an hour before is often the solution. This is not what this thread will be about. My goal is to find the best medicines that you can take in the morning, and that last for a whole day (I will post information about different medicines in this thread, but for people interested in my own personal experience I have posted my information here: http://esfbchannel.invisionzone.com/index.php?/topic/4079-kprf-red-cheeks-questions-and-my-facial-blushing-story/). I have found that there are 3 different types of medicines you can take every day, that will reduce blushing. I will also get into natural supplements that can be helpful. You can choose to just use one og the medicines, but a combination of several might be a better option. This is because if you just use 1 medicine you might have to use a high dose to get an acceptable effect, but then the chances of getting many side effects also increase. Whereas when you take several you often do not have to take high doses. The medicines also affect the body in different ways, so different medicines may work best for different situations, and therefore a combination of several might be the best fit. When choosing a medicine make sure to pick the slow/extended release version, when available, so that it will last for a day. The side effects from the medicines are actually very similar in all medicines. Common side effects are fatigue, sexual dysfunction, etc. But every person respond somewhat differently, so you have to try for yourself. And of course the higher dose you take, and the more medicines you combine, the greater are the risks for side effects. Beta-blockers The main usage of this medicine is for people with heart problems. They work by blocking the effect of Norepinephrine, which is involved in the ”fight and flight”-mechanism. It is particularly helpful in typical “high pressured situations", like when giving a presentation. Atenolol: This is the beta blocker you should pick. It is known to last longer than propranolol, and with fewer side effects. Lowest dose is 25 mg/day, but you can increase up to 100/mg without a problem if needed (maybe even more). If you don´t respond to atenolol, there is a slow release version of propranolol available. You usually will be able to see the full effect from this medicine the same day you take it, but at least within two weeks. Antidepressants As the name indicates this is a medicines used for depression, but it is also used for panic attacks, social anxiety and general anxiety. It works by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain, and it is known to help with both blushing AND flushing. It works particularly well in “everyday blushing” when talking to people. There are so many different antidepressants available. I will list some of the once I have read to be most beneficial in curing blushing: SSRI (Top 4 – starting with the best): 1. Zoloft (Sertraline) 2. Paxil (Paroxetine) 3. Lexapro (Escitalopram) 4. Celexa (Citalopram) SNRI 1. Efexor (Venlafaxine) This is the only SNRI to consider. Buspirone (In combination with SNRI or SSRI) If you experience sexual side effects from these medicines, which is very common, one way of solving it is combining them with this drug. It is mostly prescribed for general anxiety, so the medicine by itself may also cure blushing. Mirtazapin This is one of the few antidepressants not known to give severe sexual side effects. So, if you are worried about that, this might be one to try. You should see the full effect from all antidepressants within 4-8 weeks. Pregabalin (Lyrica) This is a medicine mostly used for epilepsy, neuropathic pain and general anxiety. It increases the GABA production in the brain, and calms down the nervous system. Most surgeons performing the ETS surgery think blushing comes from an overactive nervous system, so this might be the perfect drug for blushers? You should see full effect from this drug after 1 week. Natural supplements: 5-HTP - This is the natural version of an antidepressants, and works by increasing the level of serotonin. Normal daily dose is 100-300 mg/day, taken before bed and in the morning. A good dose to try is 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg before bedtime. If you do not get any effect from 5-HTP, you can try L-tryptophan. It is also a natural supplement working in the same way as 5-HTP. 500-1000 mg is a recommended daily dose. You should not take both 5-http and L-tryptophan. L-theanine – This is the natural version of Prebagalin/Lyrica, and it increases the GABA-production in the body. 400 mg is a recommended daily dose. Also here you can take 200 mg in the morning and 200 mg before going to bed. Also note: There is a natural supplement called GABA. This is not known to cross the blood brain barrier, so there are no scientific evidence saying that the supplement called GABA will work. Still, there are people claiming it to work, so if L-theanine doesn´t work for you, you can always try this. The natural supplements take 4-8 weeks before you can se the full effect from them. There are no severe side effects to get from them. So if you have not tried any medicines you really have nothing to loose trying out natural supplements, to see if they are of any help to you. Combinations of drugs As mentioned, a combination of several medicines, using low doses, might be the best option. Perhaps antidepressants and beta-blockers is the perfects fit? Or Lyrica and beta-blockers? Maybe a combination of the two natural supplements is enough for you? You have to try this out for yourself. Please post any success stories in the comment section below. Make sure not to mix medicines and supplements that should not be mixed, like 5-HTP and an antidepressant. Note: Taking medicines should not be done without consulting a trained physician. ANY SUCCESS STORIES REGARDING USING MEDICINES/DRUGS IN CURING BLUSHING ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED. PLEASE POST THEM IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW.
  2. Hi, I have struggled with facial blushing since I was around 15, I am 25 now(from the UK). I only found this site the other day and I was took back quite a lot when I read the "learn more about facial blushing" and then "what is facial blushing". After reading that through I no longer felt as alone, I did always think I can't be the only person who suffers but to find this page took me back abit. It happened not so often before I was 15, but then when I had to get a job and start working, it started to bother me then, like in interviews. Since then I have struggled alot with it on buses, trains, at meals or sometimes social events, I have managed to hide it quite well by leaving the area or drinking alcohol (at social events). It also tends to happen later in the day, not so much in the morning after I have woken up. As time passed, I did begin to learn that it wasn't a feeling of embarrassment, it was a feeling of anxiety. And it became a thing of coming up with coping mechanisms so it wouldn't happen. Which has thus affected my life because as I have carried on being fairly outgoing and doing fun things etc, but I have always had things to help deal with it, like alcohol at social events for example, along with those times I haven't been able to help it and it leaves me feeling awful. I'd say it's 90% of the fear of it happening and 10% the actual situation. I went through a tough time when I was 23 and I was pushed to a point where I had to ask for help, so I told my GP and I went on propranolol (beta blocker) for a few months which made me feel numb to the world, I then went on bisoprolol(beta blocker) which was more of the long lasting throughout the day dumbed down version of propranolol. I was on these for about a year and it helped me calm abit but I realised that it still made me abit numb to the world and I just wasn't creative anymore, so I went onto sertraline(anti depressant). After a few weeks I came of bisoprolol and was only on sertraline, things have been alot better as I have got my creative side back but I do not feel 100% natural on these still, and I still have the blushing in stressful times. I really don't wish to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life, so I am considering ETS surgery with David Greenstein. I haven't told anybody about this except my local GP two years ago when I had a tough time. If anyone would be able to have a chat then that would help... Aswell... if anyone has had a consultation and the ETS surgery with David Greenstein please get in touch with me as I have some questions. Thanks
  3. Hi there! Anyone up for a blushfest in Toronto? For those that aren't familiar with the term - Blushfest is in the form of a relaxed social evening where people meet up as a small group in a social atmosphere, where they can discuss their experiences and relate to others with similar problems, as well as putting names to faces. Perhaps those that have had the ETS surgery with successful or unsuccessful results could come join as well as it would be super educational as well as insightful. Fellow blusher, RosieFace
  4. Hi, This is my first post after finally deciding to take the plunge and have ETS surgery. After decades of suffering and trying every drug and therapy advised for FB, all of which failed I decided that ETS was my only option. I pondered over this decision for a year or so after reading all the horror stories but this site seemed to give balanced and honest reviews of people who had actually had the surgery and were willing to discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the procedure. I plan to post every few days with updates and answer and questions other members may have. Day 1 I had the procedure in London by a surgeon who has performed ETS over 1000 times so I felt confident in his abilities and he explained the side effects with honesty and didn't gloss them over as insignificant. I was advised to have T2 & T3 cut as in his experience this had the best results for FB but did have increased side effects compared to T2 only. His technique involves cutting along the T2 & T3 rib lines to make sure all required nerves are cut including Kuntz if required. The procedure I am told took 15/20 minutes for each side an I was out for about 1 hour. On waking in recovery I felt what can only be described as a feeling of severe bruising to my lungs and a very dry mouth. Breathing was difficult and painful and I had my first 'why have I done this' moment. I have had surgery before but this was probably the most unpleasant feeling I have every experienced. My blood pressure etc. was monitored every hour or so and I was given oxygen as my levels were low which made breathing easier but was a bit worrying. The pain slowly started to ease but the first nights 'sleep' was about 2-3 hours sat almost upright as laying down gave very sharp chest pains. Thankfully this got easier by the hour and after about 12 hours the pain was much more manageable. The next morning I checked my scars and found one incision level with my nipple and another about 5-6cm above, not in my armpit as I expected. Neither side gave any pain and I had full movement and could lift my arms above my head without a problem. By this time my lung pain had eased considerably and I was only taking an occasional paracetamol for pain. The speed of recovery surprised me as the first 12 hours after surgery were pretty horrible. I was discharged before lunchtime and drove myself home (a 4 hour journey) without any problems. Something which had seemed impossible 12 hours earlier. Day 2 Slept on my back and both sides at home without much discomfort. Very dry mouth when I woke up. Lungs - Can now take deep breaths and yawn which is nice. Laughing/coughing caused a bit of pain but not much. Hands - Dry so started to use moisturiser, also invested in a moisturising shampoo as my hair felt dry even though I hadn't washed it in hospital. Usually it would have started to get a bit greasy. Feet - Colder than usual. My feet are usually a bit cold but I experienced a short time of warm feet on my way home which was very pleasant. Would be a nice side effect but didn't last long. Mouth - Felt dehydrated since the operation especially after waking up but during the day I drink the same amounts as I always have and feel fine. CS - Nothing as yet. FB - First 'trigger' incident I think gave me a phantom blush that didn't last long. It started less severe than usual but then disappeared. Didn't have chance to check my face though. I have had a few other incidents that could have triggered a blush but all passed without incident, I got the usual mind trigger but nothing physical happened. I have not yet had a situation of a very severe trigger but will update when it arrives. In summary: So far so good I know the side effects will start to kick in soon but at the moment I am glad I had the operation. I think another day and my lungs will be back to normal. 12 hours of suffering to solve decades of misery sound like a good deal to me.
  5. I assume I dont need to explain how much blushing has affected my life so I will get straight into it. Im looking to have ets surgery. Has anyone had ets for facial blushing and has it helped. Can you go over side effects and possibly your story if your willing to share. My blush happens like an switch it just comes and its really hot and uncomfortable. Sometimes if i dont leave a situation my face will sting and feel very hot. Does anyone else have these symptoms and will ETS help
  6. hello everyone, I am a blusher and I am doing an artistic video which is also about blushing, it is about fragility and loss of control. I am doing some researches and trying to find some people who are willing to be recorded while blushing. I would love to have some visual material and to chat more about it with other persons, if anyone is interested I would be really happy to meet or skype and I ll explain more about it! let me know! and thanks! M
  7. Can we have a discussion regarding why this actually works? If anyone has a medical background it would be helpful. Do we all have this hormone/neurotransmitter deficiency? https://universityhealthnews.com/daily/depression/surprising-research-challenges-our-understanding-of-norepinephrine-deficiency/ https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/6291328
  8. I have had chronic, pathological blushing since childhood. That is the first time I have ever written those words. I've never said them aloud. Aside from overhearing people say, "Aw, look how red she's getting", my reddening is not something that has ever been discussed or acknowledged by my friends or family. I guess it's the "red elephant" in the room. How have people not asked me about it? How have I not had the courage to bring it up? I have never even had the nerve to research it. I guess I thought that admitting that it happens, even typing the words into a computer, would have been letting it win, making it real. And if I had ever had the courage to talk to my family about it, two things would have happened: 1) I would have blushed (and we all know that we avoid any situations/conversations that make us blush) and 2) they wouldn't have understood. I have never even googled blushing before today. Once I did, I was shocked to learn that there are so many other people who suffer from this condition. And I mean suffer. I felt such relief to know I was not alone. I am going to assume that anyone reading this does not need the bleak, destructive effects of facial blushing on one's life explained. How the fear of blushing is all consuming, or the havoc blushing reeks on one's social and professional life, how infuriating it is having a condition like this because you know you are better than this, more confident that your face it letting on, not embarrassed, not shy, not pathetic, not someone people should feel sorry for. Did I mention, "Aw, look how red she's getting?" I cannot say that any of the websites have helped me understand or explain why I redden when the cashier at the supermarket asks me a question, or when I am called on unexpectedly, or when I run into an acquaintance on the street, or when I think I may have said/done something wrong, or when I have to repeat myself because someone didn't hear me. But now I know there are treatments. I used to wish that I was of a nationality with darker skin so that no one would see the blushing. As a kid I was jealous of my friend with the jet-black skin. In high school I used to wish I was an inanimate object. There were days where I would have traded my life for that of a pencil because pencils don't blush. Crazy, huh? I have considered ridiculous solutions like staying chronically sunburned, or always being "two and a half glasses of wine" tipsy, or pretending to have chronic allergies so that I could cover my face with a tissue at any given moment. If women could grow beards, I would be the Wolfman. I know, I am being too garrulous. It's just that this is my "coming out of the oven" so to say and I'm still shocked that this community exists. I don't know my next move though. Can anyone share any thoughts or recommendations on meds or cognitive/behavioral treatments that may work? Although I would let a doctor come into my house right now and perform ETS on me on my kitchen table with a butter knife (now that I know such a treatment exists), I know it would be more prudent if I try other treatments first. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Yours in redness, Tomato Face
  9. Hello, I am a 20yo woman that has palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis as well as FB. I have had this ever since I could remember from a very young age although the blushing only began once I hit puberty and was honestly worse then the excessive sweating. It is now 11PM and I had my ETS done at 11.30 AM at the T2 level. When I woke up, I instantly felt the results in my palms and feet; they are dry and warm and I could not be more happy about finally having dry, warm hands. I think I shook everyones hand in the recovery room and almost cried tears of happiness when a kind nurse that felt my palms drip from sweat before the surgery showed how happy she was to see them dry. I haven't gotten the chance to test out if I still have FB, I'll have to wait to recover a bit and then spark a conversation with a stranger with a mirror in my hand. Pain: I woke up with a bit of discomfort in my chest, it felt a bit uncomfortable to take in normal/deep breaths but that discomfort has subsided. I am not experiencing any centralized pain in my back or where the incisions were made like i though I would. Thankfully I just feel a bit sore and tight where the incisions are. The nurse asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain was and my response was 2, it still is only because of the discomfort in my throat from the breathing tube and from not being able to take deep breaths. Eye: For some reason I had woken up from the general anesthesia with a smaller eye on my right side. It was a bit red and swollen when I woke up but thankfully it has healed fairly well over the last few hours. My surgeon said that it is most likely a result from the general anesthesia or some numbing agent that they placed in my system that may have travelled close to the nerves near my eye. He said he believes it will be temporary and so far so good as it is looking much better and you would have to look closely in order to see a difference between the two eyes now. I am praying that it is not Horners Syndrome and that it will continue to heal back to normal. Again, it is pretty minor at the moment and is not my main worry as I could always get a bit of botox in my forehead that would lift the eye a bit. Compensatory Sweating: I took a 3 hour nap with a thick puffy blanket on in a fairly warm room with thin pyjama pants and a shirt with a sweater on top. I did feel that the pyjamas fabric in the back of my thighs were damp but I am now not under this blanket and feel no compensatory sweating. I'm really crossing my fingers that it stays like this as my surgeon said I will see what my true results are within 3 weeks. So far, I do not regret my decision to get ETS. Just waking up to dry and warm hands and feet feels absolutely life changing and I am certain this will ease my anxiety significantly on a daily basis and allow me to gain more confidence. I was supposed to have this surgery when I was 18 but did not happen to find a surgeon I was 100% comfortable with at the time and also felt like I had to do more research to solidify that I really wanted to have this surgery. If you are looking into getting this surgery, do your research, visit more than one doctor and make sure you already embrace a possible reality before the surgery that you may experience possible side effects like CS as a result of gaining what you really want to improve your quality of life. I live in Toronto so if anyone would like my surgeons information, feel free to send me a message. I know how challenging it could be to live with FB and/or excessive sweating everyday so if anyone needs a friends, I'm all ears! Kindly, RosieFace
  10. I had ETS 3 weeks ago and words cannot express how happy I am that I did this surgery, it has changed my life. I haven't had a single blushing episode since the surgery. When I feel that I may blush I don't feel any heat rushing up to the face instead, I get this hot tingling sensation in my legs and back that lasts for about 5-10 seconds. I think that is the CS kicking in although the sweat isn't really produced as a result of this feeling. It may just be the way my body is reacting to no longer being able to produce a blush so it's releasing the heat elsewhere. Anyone experience the same thing? For reference, I had T2 clamped
  11. My insurance just denied ETS for blushing. My blushing is not just my face but neck, chest etc...I have done my research and this is my last resort. Any advice on what I can do to get my insurance to cover the procedure? My insurance is Aetna.
  12. Hello fellow blushers, I am a 20 yo woman with palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing ever since elementary school. I live in constant fear of seeing someone when I'm out and about and worry that my face will turn beat red. I can't even feel comfortable during family dinners because when I get asked questions and speak my face feels like it has a heartbeat of its own and all I want to do is hide in a freezer or somewhere dark. The worst part is that my family points it out and laughs about it when they see that I'm turning red. They make jokes out of it even when they see me trying to hide my face by looking away or drinking from the large cup in front of me. I've expressed to them many times that this is not just a small vanity issue, this is a real medical issue and it has driven me to lead a socially isolated life. I go the extra length to ensure that I don't bump into anyone I may know. I can not imagine myself living my best life, as a professional one day, turning bright red 24/7 over just speaking. It's not even that I'm embarrassed I naturally go red because I think about it and then I can feel the person I am talking to staring and saying "why is your face going so red??" and this is when the embarrassment kicks in and the blushing starts to get worse. Once, someone even asked me if I'm and okay and if I need medical attention. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and have scheduled my surgery for the summer time. I have done a lot of research about the side effects and have also found a great surgeon that has done thousands of ETS. My parents are against me getting the surgery but as I'm sure you all can relate - people that look at it as a trivial thing really don't understand what it is like living with this. They haven't been in my shoes and nobody has the right to belittle or joke around about an issue that is taking over my life. I am really hoping for the best. If there are any tips someone that has done the surgery can give me, that would be greatly appreciated. Send some positive vibes my way :') I will be sure to keep you all updated on how the procedure goes. Best, RoseiFace
  13. Hi there! Anyone up for a blushfest in Toronto? For those that aren't familiar with the term - Blushfest is in the form of a relaxed social evening where people meet up as a small group in a social atmosphere, where they can discuss their experiences and relate to others with similar problems, as well as putting names to faces. Perhaps those that have had the ETS surgery with successful or unsuccessful results could come join as well as it would be super educational as well as insightful. Fellow blusher, RosieFace
  14. Hi everyone! I am a 21 year old female and was recently diagnosed with rosacea. I would find my cheeks would become flushed quite easily no matter the weather. This bothered me so much I had 3 IPL treatments done. I did see results for a few months but my cheeks would still become flushed in hot weather. My self-esteem went completely down and I would easily blush when talking to people in high authority, put on the spot, embarassed, or talking to guys I found attractive. I have always been shy and an introvert but I would not always blush easily like I do now. In fact, my freshmen year of college I gave a speech about my research paper in front of 40 students and I did not blush. Facial redness did not bother me as much as it did back then like in my high school year my face would become completely flushed after a workout and people would notice but again I did not care. Now, I am self-conscious about my skin because my rosacea is becoming worse and will become worse over time as dermatologists have told me. Since i easily blush, I do not participate in class as much as I would like to and my blushing anxiety is getting in the way of me enjoying things. I do not even go out when it is sunny because I worry about my face flushing and people taking notice. I even blush when people give me compliments like my age (I often get confused for 16 years). I have reached out to a mental health counselor and have had 1 session so far. I can't say if I feel this is going to help me because the counselor told me I could just accept my blushing as "who I am and what makes me me". I do not want to accept this because it makes me physically uncomfortable when my face feels burning hot and emotionally distressed. What are some methods you facial blushers have tried in therapy? I do not want to go with medication, I worry about the side affects.
  15. As the question says, anyone had success with effexor? How does it make you feel? Side effects? Works for blushing? How do u feel being cener of attention? Elaborate. Thank you
  16. Has anyone had ets for facial blushing. Can you please go over your situation and how it has affected you before and after surgery. Every little detail helps thanks. Also please go into details of the blush. How it comes on how it feels etc. E.g. mine gets hotter and hotter and feels really uncomfortable. Does anyone get the immense heat with their blushing.
  17. I had my evaluation appointment with dr. Lyall Gorenstein Feb 25, 2016. He was so understanding when he saw me crying and turned red from my face neck and chest. I told him how this blushing had affect my life to the point of thinking about suicide. He said "dont be silly" "you have a husband and a daughter" they need you. He also said I was the perfect candidate for the surgery because my blush is in my neck and chest( specially when I cry). I asked him why this happens to me and he said that not all questions have answers. That, that's the way I was born. He also said "blame your parents" I didn't quite understand that. He took a picture of me to have a before and after. He said "we will take care of you" "dont worry anymore". Those are the swetest words I have heard in this year. Im soo happy and wanting this month to fly. I will be devastated if my insurance rejects the surgery. This is my last option. I have faith in God that everything will come out fine. I can not wait to start enjoying my life completely. I want to find out If someone in this forum have heard about him, or know about him. It will be very helpfull for me.
  18. I heard phenibut works 100%, like alcohol and there`s no need for prescription, any experiences?
  19. Hello Guys, I think im gonna give it a try to EFFEXOR before having ETS. I have heard in past posts that this pill really helps Facial blushing. I got to the point where I tried everything creams, sertroline, hypnosis therapy, working with my mind to stay positive, avoid public speaking, avoid moments where I would blush, indereal pills,etc. That have not helped me at all. The only two things that are helping me so far are make up and telling my husband about this problem. I feel his support sometimes and I dont have to worry about turning red infront of him. Also, if im trying to avoid a social situation where I would blush he understand and supports me. Make up is also a huge help for this problem. I can not go out without make up. I spent 10 mins everyday getting ready with my make up routine and its really worth it. Plus, I makes me look cute(before I would go out to work or stores looking all messy, not anymore) So, I will also try EFFEXOR. If someone have tried this medicine please let me know. I will talk to my GP to see if he would prescribe them and will take them for 4 months even though I have bad side effects(i know my body has to get used to it) then after 4 months I will know if it truly helpmed me. If someone knows or have try this pills please share. I will love to hear successful or unsuccessful stories. God bless everybody and remember life is good!!!!
  20. Hey guys, First of all I am not native English speaker so I am sorry for any English mistakes on this topic. Before going a head into details. The Law of Attraction (from Wikipedia) is: the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. The belief is based on the idea that people and their thoughts are both made from "pure energy", and that through the process of "like energy attracting like energy" a person can improve their own health, wealth and personal relationships. I know some if not all of you now may say this is a myth or it's impossible to do that but actually if you will believe that this Law doesn't work or a myth then it won't work for you because you have to be in faith 100% to start to see the results. I am not promoting any course or affiliate or so but I am really just excited and wanna anyone here invest sometime on such this priceless life-changing method because you may find great achievements on your whole life not only blushing. I will share with you also the most informative free guides on youtube to Law of Attraction and how to apply it on your life at the end of the topic. This method has worked by live examples in our life and you can also search for "Morris E. Goodman" or see this youtube link to know how incredible of Law of Attraction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiIs_boY-j8 By the way I'm extreme blusher when I was 8 years old so I was born with (Sympathetic Nerve Hyperactivity) and also felt obliged to had ETS surgery at 20 years old after being disappointed in work and my whole life and it worked for me successfully for about 5 month and then I got my facial blushing again but in a weird way because I sometimes blush and sometimes not and sometimes feeling the same hotness on my face but without redness so am really having confusing feeling that makes still have social anxiety plus the symptoms of (Compensatory sweating, frey's syndrome and some hair loss) I am not completely healed right now after using the Law of Attraction but you can say I feel like I'm 70% to 80% healed now after working about 6 months on this incredible technique and you can get faster results so it depends on your willing, your mind abilities and applying the Law of Attraction in the right way and now you can say I have simple blushing when I'm on very intense blushing situation like awkward situation in front of big audience or on concert or on a very big meeting and sometimes I feel like it's kinda under control. What you have to do now to watch these youtube videos: - this video explains everything about Law of Attraction and the "Secret" book but in a movie so it's really amazing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtgCQ5S4Ryw and also these 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opOXFCYWUdU - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b295OBuDmyM If you still feel like you have more questions about Law of Attraction then just Google search and you will find hundreds of guides and thousands of people with their stories with this Law. So now let's talk about the important part about what I did: Firstly you have to avoid any intense social situations that triggers your blushing because this will may affect on your progress of applying law of attraction and this was optional but you will make faster results if you avoided these situations as much as possible. You have to believe that your negative thoughts and anxiety will make the matter worse so I started to write my goal on a note on my Laptop and I check it out daily that " I AM FREE OF BLUSHING AND ANXIETY - AM LOVABLE - AM OUTGOING PERSON - I CAN CONTROL MY BLUSHING EASILY !! " and you can write whatever you want to arouse these positive feelings and to be in this amazing psychological state and you have to combine your feelings with your imagination skills to produce more positive ideas on your mind. Also using Hypnosis will help you to think more clearly while developing neurological pathways that are conducive to a blushless countenance. so after waking up daily I am feeling like am already healed from blushing and starting my day like a new energetic and healthy person and I act on this way and if you get any blushing suddenly throughout your day then you have to say inside your mind that "I AM ALREADY HEALED AND IT'S NOT ASSUMED THAT I GET THIS BLUSHING" so keep programming and developping your mind to suddenly think in a positive way. I know this part may be kinda difficult to obligate your mind to believe in this and you get blushing in the same time but I promise you that hard work will make you reap the fruits soon and always feed your mind with indifference ideas towards any problem because it really helps me a lot. Always focus on the idea that you are already healed and don't have this disease and you can even thank god for already healing you from this disease. stop taking any drugs related to facial blushing now to stop thinking that you are a blusher. you are now a new person with a new social and promising life and that's what you must focus on it in the mean time. After 3 months of trying this daily. I started to feel like am more relaxed in social activities and with more self-esteem and that's the most important factor that makes me feel the difference and after getting these results I started to focus more and more daily because I felt more energetic and enthusiastic to apply this law on my whole life and to take advantage of it and now am feeling really big difference. I felt like the blood and hotness that comes from my chest started to run very slowly and feel like it's under control now and more relaxed while am talking to people. my only problem now is big audience but am still working on that and I have a deep belief and thoughts that I am that social person inside myself but I have to release it by applying this law. What I wanna say in the end that a lot of people claim that this Law doesn't work but it really happens on our life but you don't apply it successfully or have some doubts about how it works completely and what helped me really also that I have indifference towards my problems and I don't take it serious because I got used to the harsh daily lifestyle when I was child to the degree that makes me now very cold as ice besides I have taken advantage of my rich imagination be in this psychological state that attract and achieve more positive results faster in addition to practicing hypnosis so my ADVICE for you is to keep learning and applying and searching also a lot about this law to get what you need. ALL MY BEST WISHES TO YOU
  21. Hi I just recently joined this forum because I am in need of answers. I am a facial blusher and am seriously down n depressed. It's taking over my life and I'm only 24 years old. I avoid every situation and have lost friends. People think I am weird and know I have a problem I'm thinking of getting ETS surgery in Melbourne by Dr.Roger Bell. Can anyone please please give me their experience and advice if they have been to him? Was it worth it?
  22. Like many of you, my life is controlled by my facial blushing. It consumes my every thought and prevents me from living my life the way I want to. I have slight rosacea and fair, sensitive skin, so it does not take much for my face to turn bright red. Within the past few days, I have had some especially bad blushing episodes where the people around me have asked me if I'm okay because my face is so red. But this isn't abnormal for me; my blushing is so bad that rather than being made fun of for it, the people around me typically express concern. I feel like this is almost worse, as it indicates that my face must be turning REALLY red. Because of all this, I have been feeling extremely depressed recently. I will be graduating from college in May, so I feel like this is the time for me to really do something about this problem before I enter the work world. I have had issues with FB since I was probably around 11 and it just keeps getting worse, so I do not want to suffer with this problem any longer. I have already tried anxiety medications like Beta Blockers and Xanax, but these are more fast-acting and do not last long enough each day to fully help. I tried SSRI's in high school/beginning of college, but they made me lethargic and decreased my libido immensely. My next step will most likely be CBT, but for some reason I'm not very confident this will help. I think it could definitely address the root of the problem, which is clearly social anxiety and low self-esteem, but I'm nervous this isn't enough. That's why I've started to consider ETS, although I feel like it is an extremely unrealistic option for me. The biggest problem is money -- I've heard it's extremely expensive and rarely covered by insurance. Another huge issue is side effects... I'm really freaked out by some of the horror stories I've read about. And then the third problem is my family. I cannot even imagine telling them, as no one else in my family deals with this issue in the slightest (I'm not sure I've even witnessed any of them blush), so I doubt they'd understand or support me in this decision. I also don't even know where I would go for this procedure, as I haven't been able to find anywhere in Boston that performs this procedure (it seems Mass General does but only for hyperhidrosis... thinking about calling them anyway). Anyway, I apologize for the long post but it did feel good to get it all out. I haven't confided in anyone about this problem because I'm too embarrassed, so I'm really glad to have found this website. I know I didn't really ask a concrete question, but I would just love some advice or general words of wisdom from anyone who has gone through the same thing. Feedback on CBT, ETS, and maybe even meds that are helpful would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know what to do about all this! Thank you so much!
  23. All I have to say is...WOW. I can relate to all you guys, it feels good knowing i am not alone. That being said, does anyone in the US have a surgeon they recommend that is preferably on the east coast and is near Ohio? Any info would be much appreciated! thanks!
  24. hi everyone, i'm relatively new to this site and i'm thrilled to find other people out there just like me. your symptoms, stories and experiences are so parallel to my own. first off, does anyone know of an ets surgeon in the NYC area besides lyall gorenstein?! he doesn't take my insurance. i 'd like to have a consultation with someone reputable in network before turning to someone out of network of flying cross country to see someone else. it will be at least $250 just for me to have a consultation with him. i've read about the team at weill cornell who claims to do ets, but i can't find a word of positiveness about them in regards to it. i've been going to a psychatrist, tried medications (incl effexor), i'm a yogi, very healthy...just saying that ive been trying to avoid this surgery for a long time and nothing has worked. i dont see any other option even though the thought of ets and its side effects terrify me. ive read all of the horror stories as well as the successes, and ive decided CS is better than the constant humiliation i experience because of FB. it holds me back in more ways than i can count and the older i get the worse it becomes (i'm 30, F). please help me if you can!
  25. Hi all blushers (and hopefully many former blushers!)! The goal with this post/topic is to create an arena where people who have had ETS-surgery goes in to detail of how effective it was curing blushing and what kinds of side effects they got from it. The reason why I have created this topic is because I believe it will give a wider and more accurate picture of what to expect from the surgery, which will enable people who haven´t had the surgery yet to make a better decision of whether to go through with it or not. The information out there is very diverse. The surgeons base their information on side effects from a question form sent out usually 6 month after surgery. From what I have read in different forums, the most severe side effect don´t start until 2 years or more after the surgery. Also the results seem to vary based on factors like whether you are male/female, how old you were having the surgery, if the nerves got clamped or burned, if you are overweight or not. Information that we don´t usually get from surgeons, but that people report from forums. And lastly, people write about side effect they got from the surgery, that surgeons never mention. I have read through a lot of the testimonials and forums on this site and others, but there often lacks a great deal on information. Plus, it seems to be the same people responding over and over again, which doesn´t give a wide range of experiences. It also is both hard and time consuming for people searching through that much information. Hopefully, after people responding to this post, we will all have a clearer and greater picture of the truth of the ETS-surgery. To make the posts on this topic as complimentary and accurate as possible, I have made out some guidelines for what should be in your post. Please try to follow them to the best of your ability, as I believe it will be of great help for many. Some questions might be a bit uncomfortable to answer, but keep in mind that none of the answers will make it possible to link up the information to a specific person: - 1. First, ONLY write a post if you actually have had the ETS-surgery (or a blushing surgery called something else, like the ESB-surgery). This topic is made specifically for this. - 2. Try to say all that you want to say in ONE post, as this topic is meant for as many different peoples opinions as possible. - 3. When did you have the surgery done (year and month)? - 4. How old were you when you had the surgery? - 5. Are you male or female? - 6. Did the surgeons cut/burn the nerves or did they put on titanium clamps? And at what t-level did they do it? T2? T3? Both? - 7. Are you overweight? Do you eat healthy? - 8. Did you get CS (compensatory sweating), and how bad is it? PLEASE go in to details. How is it affecting your daily life? Do you just sweat a little bit more during workouts or do you get soaking wet just by going outside on a warm day? - 9. Did you get dry hands, and how bad is it? Do you have to just moisturizer once a day and then they are like normal, or do you have constant dry hands no matter what? Please go in to detail on how it is affecting your daily life. - 10. Did you get cold hands? - 11. Have you lost hair on you head or facial hair? - 12. Is it harder exercising now? How bad is it? - 13. Has the sex life got worse after the surgery? Like have you got decreased libido? - 14. Have you had problem focusing on mental tasks? Like studying for many hours or doing some kind of intellectual work over a longer period of time? - 15. Have you had problems with your upper body getting over-heated (split body syndrome)? - 16. Have you experienced you personality changing? Not being able to feel strong emotions, like positive highs or negative lows? - 17. Has your energy level decreased? - 18. Any other side effects you had that aren´t mentioned above? Everything you share is appreciated, and the more detailed you are, the better. - 19. How bad was the blushing before the surgery? What kind of situation would make you blush? Did you get red and warm and then it would quickly go away, or could the redness and heat stay for many minutes to hours? - 20. How is the blushing problem today? Do you blush at all? - 21. How is your life in general after the surgery? Happy about the result? From your perspective, do you recommend people going through with it? (I am myself in the position of trying to gather information and then decide. Had I done the surgery already, I would of course also have started of this topic with a post of my own experience). To all who have had the surgery done, and choose to share their story about it, a BIG thank you! I am sure it will be appreciated by a lot of people!
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