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Found 26 results

  1. Who has had ETS for facial blushing on the NHS in the London area? My GP referred me to a thoracic surgeon with no experience of ETS for facial blushing, but the team is very happy to refer me onto a hospital/consultant that does. Any details of specific hospitals (but most importantly the names of consultants) would be incredibly helpful for me in moving forward to deal with this horrible thing that has blighted my life for so long 😌. Thank you very much if you can help me. This is also my first post here, so Hello, and may I recommend the book 'When Blushing Hurts' by Enrique Jadresic (a psychiatrist who had what he terms 'Persistent Blushing' himself and helped to treat 100s of people from around the world). I have found the book helpful and you may do too.
  2. Dear everyone, I am not sure if my personal story is a very interesting read, since it is so similar to every other story in here. Nevertheless, it might be some who wants to read it, so I will sum it up very shortly in this post. For you who want to skip to my questions, I will post them in the last paragraph. My story - explained very shortly and simply Facial blushing (FB) started as problem for me when I was around 13-14 years old. I have always done well in school, but now presentations, group work or just raising the hand asking a question became a very painful experience. Going bright red, feeling the cheeks getting intensely warm and having stairs and comments from fellow students. I tried different solutions (nothing really helped, see paragraph below) so I started having suicidal thoughts when I was about 16 years old, because I didn´t feel I could be myself in this life and there were no cure for it. Was scheduled to have ETS when I was around 17, but cancelled before I had it, because the fear of the side effects. Had therapy instead. It is now 16 years since the problem started. It is not as bad as when I was 16, I am coping with the problem, but I am certainly not living life. I am far from where I could be in my professional life, and when it comes the social life it is practically non-existent (Dating isn´t an option and keeping meaningful friendship isn´t the easiest when you really want to have them being yourself, but at the same time trying to avoid different social situations because of the problem). Some of the things I have tried (none of them have been really successful) - Therapy - Hypnotherapy - Lasers * IPL laser didn´t work at all. But after about 5-6 treatments with the PDL (pulsed dye laser) Vbeam, the redness has been reduced about 20-25 %. Especially when flushing, like being outside in a cold weather and then going inside. - Beta-blockers * This I have found to be the best temporary solution available today. It doesn´t remove the blushing, but makes it much easier. I take them in situations I have to be in (like meetings at work), when I know I am going to blush. I take them 1 hour before, but I always get very tired for the rest of the day. - Being careless/not giving a f@ck. * It has somewhat helped, a long with therapy and coaching, in my everyday life. Focusing on what I want in life, vs what other people think, focusing on what is good about myself vs what is bad, etc. However, in FB-situations I have found it impossible to just focus on being careless. The sympathetic nervous system takes over and that you have no control over. - Different creams and cover-ups - Getting a tan - Growing a beard - Working out very intensely, eating healthy, meditate, etc. Different thoughts and experiences: I have read through tons of forums and webpages (this one and others) and spoken to different surgeons and doctors. I am amazed by how few good solutions todays medicine has to offer FB-people. Take Sweden for example. This is the country who invented the ETS-surgery, so they clearly acknowledge that it is a big problem for people in the society. Because of the side effects they have banned the surgery. But, the problem is still there! I can not believe that they let people just have the problem, and not putting money and energy in to finding better cures! The closest I have come to reading about alternative solutions are: 1) Stellate Ganglion Block. This is fluid being injected in the neck-area, and is supposed to paralyze the same nerve as you destroy in the ETS-surgery. However because of where you have to inject, you do it at the T1-level, which very often gives you Horners Syndrom. As I understand it the effects also only last for a couple of hours, which doesn´t make it a possible cure. 2) Botox. I have read that they tested this for FB in Great Britain around year 2008, but I am yet to hear about any successful results from it. It has become somewhat a mission for me, being a part of influencing surgeons/doctors/scientists to finding new solutions for FB. I am convinced that with todays technology and how much we now know in medicine, it shouldn´t be difficult finding better solutions than what is available today. In my opinion there are two ways to go about curing this: 1) Finding out why some people have more visible blood capillaries in the face, and from that finding out how to remove them. Of course, if you originate from Africa and have completely dark skin, FB isn´t visible. But for most people, with completely pale skin, it isn´t physically possible to blush no matter how embarrassed they get (they just don´t have capillaries in the outer skin of the face that are visible and expands). What is different with them? 2) Finding better cures than the ETS-surgery, that gives less side effects. I think there are particularly two things that doctors and scientists need to be made aware off, which could help in research being started and done on a bigger scale: - The ethical incentive: Making them realize how much this impacts the people having this problem. Just to mention some problem in my life because of this: Being rejected by girls when asking them out in a date, because I go bright red and that is a sign of weakness/insecurity and they want a confident man. Not getting a job, much for the same reason, at job interviews they want someone that comes a cross certain. Being assumed to be gay trying to get new male friends, because blushing when greeting them. Basically daily humiliations that destroys both the professional and social life. - The economical incentive: Making them realize how many who actually struggles with this, and how poorly todays solutions are. The people who finds better solutions for this, with less side effects, will by no doubt (and well deservingly) become very rich. I expect it also is a question of funding the research to start with. I myself would gladly help do this, and I assume I am not alone here about that on this forum, so if I come across a possible opportunity of starting to fund research with the focus on finding new solutions, I will let you know. I should also mention what KPRF is: It stands for keratosis pilaris rubra faceii, and is just fancy terminology for being born with red cheeks (Or it starts appearing when you are like 1 or 2 years old). Most doctors have not even heard of this, because it has been done so little research on. You can google it if you want to see a picture of it, and it should be noted that it is NOT the same as Rosacea. When I am calm the color is a light pink, and it blends in well with the rest of my face color. When I blush, the cheeks get dark red and very hot. I can blush for some seconds about something embarrassing, and then going back to the light color. But the worst scenarios are when I am in a "spotlight situation", like giving a presentation. That is a guaranteed blushing situation, but then my cheeks remain flushed for the entire situation and also for many minuets after when I am done with it. Like I have said, I am convinced we will find better solution to FB in the future. However I fear it will not happen too soon, and I think that I have tried everything else, but ETS now. Being the only possible solution left available, I am therefore again strongly considering it. If I go through with the surgery I will definitely come back and share my experience. So, this is the reason for the 2 questions I have written below: Questions: 1. Has anyone had the ETS-surgery, who before only blushed in the cheeks, and now are satisfied with the result? 2. Has anyone had the ETS-surgery, and before got red and it stayed like that for many minutes (perhaps even hours)? And are you now satisfied with the result? The reason why I am asking these two questions is because I am considering the ETS-surgery, and my problems are the two mentioned above. Also I have read several places that the surgery might not be effective for my type of problem (One source: http://www.chir.it/en_erythrophobia.php?lang=en)
  3. Hi, I have struggled with facial blushing since I was around 15, I am 25 now(from the UK). I only found this site the other day and I was took back quite a lot when I read the "learn more about facial blushing" and then "what is facial blushing". After reading that through I no longer felt as alone, I did always think I can't be the only person who suffers but to find this page took me back abit. It happened not so often before I was 15, but then when I had to get a job and start working, it started to bother me then, like in interviews. Since then I have struggled alot with it on buses, trains, at meals or sometimes social events, I have managed to hide it quite well by leaving the area or drinking alcohol (at social events). It also tends to happen later in the day, not so much in the morning after I have woken up. As time passed, I did begin to learn that it wasn't a feeling of embarrassment, it was a feeling of anxiety. And it became a thing of coming up with coping mechanisms so it wouldn't happen. Which has thus affected my life because as I have carried on being fairly outgoing and doing fun things etc, but I have always had things to help deal with it, like alcohol at social events for example, along with those times I haven't been able to help it and it leaves me feeling awful. I'd say it's 90% of the fear of it happening and 10% the actual situation. I went through a tough time when I was 23 and I was pushed to a point where I had to ask for help, so I told my GP and I went on propranolol (beta blocker) for a few months which made me feel numb to the world, I then went on bisoprolol(beta blocker) which was more of the long lasting throughout the day dumbed down version of propranolol. I was on these for about a year and it helped me calm abit but I realised that it still made me abit numb to the world and I just wasn't creative anymore, so I went onto sertraline(anti depressant). After a few weeks I came of bisoprolol and was only on sertraline, things have been alot better as I have got my creative side back but I do not feel 100% natural on these still, and I still have the blushing in stressful times. I really don't wish to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life, so I am considering ETS surgery with David Greenstein. I haven't told anybody about this except my local GP two years ago when I had a tough time. If anyone would be able to have a chat then that would help... Aswell... if anyone has had a consultation and the ETS surgery with David Greenstein please get in touch with me as I have some questions. Thanks
  4. Hi! Just came across this video of a top surgeon explaining compensatory sweating (CS), and I wanted to share it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGIc-kWR2_M It's kind of disgusting to hear how severe this side effect can be. And being that this is coming from a surgeon, it's not just a horror story from a dissatisfied patient, but something that clearly this surgeon has documented. Here are his own words: "And there are some that develop what I call a severe form of compensatory sweating, where it just soaks through your clothes. And it is not if you are outside exercising, or inside exercising, or you are outside in heat or humidity. People will sweat, and should sweat, in situations like that. But if you are like in an air-conditioned environment, like I am now, and it's soaking though my shirt, or the lower back, or even my pants or the groin. It's soaking through clothes, that's compensatory sweating" - Dr. David Nielson This also show what I have been reading on other forums; that it maybe should be called reflex sweating instead of compensatory sweating, since it is not like you sweat the same amount as before, just that everything now goes below the nipple line. You actually sweat a lot more, an increased amount. As I understand it, this is the body's way of reacting when hurting (healthy) nerves, and I believe this can be seen for instance when people have been in car accidents. Where nerves have been damaged, and the person involved afterwards sweats a lot more. Me personally, when being ill, I sweat al lot more, but I don't know if that is relevant to having nerves destroyed.
  5. I assume I dont need to explain how much blushing has affected my life so I will get straight into it. Im looking to have ets surgery. Has anyone had ets for facial blushing and has it helped. Can you go over side effects and possibly your story if your willing to share. My blush happens like an switch it just comes and its really hot and uncomfortable. Sometimes if i dont leave a situation my face will sting and feel very hot. Does anyone else have these symptoms and will ETS help
  6. I have had chronic, pathological blushing since childhood. That is the first time I have ever written those words. I've never said them aloud. Aside from overhearing people say, "Aw, look how red she's getting", my reddening is not something that has ever been discussed or acknowledged by my friends or family. I guess it's the "red elephant" in the room. How have people not asked me about it? How have I not had the courage to bring it up? I have never even had the nerve to research it. I guess I thought that admitting that it happens, even typing the words into a computer, would have been letting it win, making it real. And if I had ever had the courage to talk to my family about it, two things would have happened: 1) I would have blushed (and we all know that we avoid any situations/conversations that make us blush) and 2) they wouldn't have understood. I have never even googled blushing before today. Once I did, I was shocked to learn that there are so many other people who suffer from this condition. And I mean suffer. I felt such relief to know I was not alone. I am going to assume that anyone reading this does not need the bleak, destructive effects of facial blushing on one's life explained. How the fear of blushing is all consuming, or the havoc blushing reeks on one's social and professional life, how infuriating it is having a condition like this because you know you are better than this, more confident that your face it letting on, not embarrassed, not shy, not pathetic, not someone people should feel sorry for. Did I mention, "Aw, look how red she's getting?" I cannot say that any of the websites have helped me understand or explain why I redden when the cashier at the supermarket asks me a question, or when I am called on unexpectedly, or when I run into an acquaintance on the street, or when I think I may have said/done something wrong, or when I have to repeat myself because someone didn't hear me. But now I know there are treatments. I used to wish that I was of a nationality with darker skin so that no one would see the blushing. As a kid I was jealous of my friend with the jet-black skin. In high school I used to wish I was an inanimate object. There were days where I would have traded my life for that of a pencil because pencils don't blush. Crazy, huh? I have considered ridiculous solutions like staying chronically sunburned, or always being "two and a half glasses of wine" tipsy, or pretending to have chronic allergies so that I could cover my face with a tissue at any given moment. If women could grow beards, I would be the Wolfman. I know, I am being too garrulous. It's just that this is my "coming out of the oven" so to say and I'm still shocked that this community exists. I don't know my next move though. Can anyone share any thoughts or recommendations on meds or cognitive/behavioral treatments that may work? Although I would let a doctor come into my house right now and perform ETS on me on my kitchen table with a butter knife (now that I know such a treatment exists), I know it would be more prudent if I try other treatments first. Any feedback would be very much appreciated. Yours in redness, Tomato Face
  7. Hi all! 1 year since I did my ETS surgery now. here is a small update how I'm doing now and my experiences. Blushing: Havent blushed once since the surgery. Even if I try to blush I just can't. I have been in many 100% blushing trigger situations, but the blushing is non existent. Side effects: I am not sweating from my chest and up anymore. I see this as a good thing as I used to have alot of face sweat before when it was hot or exercising. My face skin is totally normal, not dry. I'm also not sweating on my hands. hands can be a little dry sometimes(rarely), but it's not very much. haven't even needed to use lotion on my hands. Compensatory sweating. As I live in Norway where it's pretty cold I have barely noticed any CS here. it was around 30 degrees Celsius in whole May, still no problems with CS. I do heavy weight training 4-5 times a week. a few times of had a little sweat on my back, but it doesn't bother me. it's not showing through my shirt. other people in the gym are sweating much more than me in both face and body. Only once I had a bad CS experience. in a wedding at 40 degrees celcius without aircondition. I was in a white silk shirt without anything under. the sweating on my back went through. it didn't bother me as most of the people in the wedding was sweating the same amount. Funny thing is that my face was completely dry in that heat, while everyone else face were running in sweat. a guy asked me " how can you possibly not sweat in this extreme heat?" I just answered him by turning my wet back to him I learned to put a cloth under my shirt if I'm going to a hot place in a white silk shirt? however it's rarely I'm at a place this hot. General life: Life is so much better. I got the blushing in the age of 23 and had it just 2 years before I did ETS. I regret I didn't do it just the first moment I got it. iv got a promotion at work. I have a good connection with all my colleagues. I'm social again with friends and family. I have also started my own company. My thoughts are not on blushing anymore. I still feel for you guys still struggling with this problem and I wanted to share my experience if it can help some of you take the correct decision. Feel free to ask me about anything releated to blushing or ETS. quik writing on smartphone, so might be some spelling mistakes? Peace out!
  8. Hello fellow blushers, I am a 20 yo woman with palmar hyperhidrosis and facial blushing ever since elementary school. I live in constant fear of seeing someone when I'm out and about and worry that my face will turn beat red. I can't even feel comfortable during family dinners because when I get asked questions and speak my face feels like it has a heartbeat of its own and all I want to do is hide in a freezer or somewhere dark. The worst part is that my family points it out and laughs about it when they see that I'm turning red. They make jokes out of it even when they see me trying to hide my face by looking away or drinking from the large cup in front of me. I've expressed to them many times that this is not just a small vanity issue, this is a real medical issue and it has driven me to lead a socially isolated life. I go the extra length to ensure that I don't bump into anyone I may know. I can not imagine myself living my best life, as a professional one day, turning bright red 24/7 over just speaking. It's not even that I'm embarrassed I naturally go red because I think about it and then I can feel the person I am talking to staring and saying "why is your face going so red??" and this is when the embarrassment kicks in and the blushing starts to get worse. Once, someone even asked me if I'm and okay and if I need medical attention. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and have scheduled my surgery for the summer time. I have done a lot of research about the side effects and have also found a great surgeon that has done thousands of ETS. My parents are against me getting the surgery but as I'm sure you all can relate - people that look at it as a trivial thing really don't understand what it is like living with this. They haven't been in my shoes and nobody has the right to belittle or joke around about an issue that is taking over my life. I am really hoping for the best. If there are any tips someone that has done the surgery can give me, that would be greatly appreciated. Send some positive vibes my way :') I will be sure to keep you all updated on how the procedure goes. Best, RoseiFace
  9. Dear everyone reading, I recently had an endoscopic sympathetic block performed - 1 month ago. Essentially is is ETS (which most people here are familiar with) but with a placement of titanium clips on the nerves. So far, I have not blushed. I have some CS, on my feet and on my back at about a 3/10 and a 5/10 when stressed. It is a wonderful trade and I recommend anyone who is thinking of getting ESB to go ahead. P.S: I am not saying it is a better alternative to ETS, I am just telling everyone my experience. Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer all.
  10. Has anyone tried paxil for blushing or flushing. Aswell as other anxiety symtoms like shaking in public etc.. much appreciated
  11. As the question says, anyone had success with effexor? How does it make you feel? Side effects? Works for blushing? How do u feel being cener of attention? Elaborate. Thank you
  12. Hello Everyone. First of all, All the stories i read hear, feels like I wrote every single one of them. I wanted to share my ETS surgery experience so it might help other people. I am 40 years old male (dark skin) and i have suffered FB more than 20 years which most of these years i wasn't aware of it. I knew in some certain situations, i was going hot above neck (like a hell) then after start sweating above the neck and eventually blushing but i did not care for a long time. it was momentarily and i took as a challenge as a very confident guy. I was outspoken, self confident, not afraid of talking in front of people. My problem started to hurt me when i started to care about my blushing and the more i hurt and worried the more i blushed and finally started to avoid meetings, long conversations, even prayed not to see someone i know, surprisingly somewhere. i had scenarios in my head for every situation. Anyway you know the rest. So i tried CBT (I want to point out here if one of the new blushers read this, it will make them more discouraged about getting rid of their FB. Reading these forums breaks your heart and hinder your FB even more as you come to conclusion that there is no cure for it apart from the Surgery.) CBT did not work. Telling people about my problem did not cool down my head and stopped my facial sweating and blushing. I could not control it. It was simple as that. My head start heats up first, a little bit sweat afterwards and boom. Even slightest (sometimes not even thinking) thinking about it. So i decided to go under the ETS surgery. I am originally from Turkey but i live in UK. I wanted to get the surgery done in Turkey as i thought it should be a lot cheaper than UK (it was actually 5 times cheaper than UK. Whole surgery cost me ÂŁ1,000 including spending the night in hospital. ÂŁ200 for flights and ÂŁ120 for 2 night in a hotel after the surgery). I started to search the doctor about 3 months before the surgery and i came across this guy who had a good reputation in Turkish blogs regarding Excessive sweating and FB. So i called him and explained my problem. His first question was my weight and my height. (190 cm and 102 kg) (6'2", apx 205lbs or 15.5 stone). On our very first conversation he told me 'i am to tall and have to much fat that will cause CS' He said the surgery will cure you FB but you are going to sweat as hell. He explained further, being big guy gives your body hard time as it has a lot more space to cool down therefore you sweat more and if i was to go under surgery my top part of body wasn't going to sweat at all therefore the rest of will sweat even more. (i tried to explained that i was heavy not because i was fat but i was a bodybuilder and i have quite a bit muscle. He said it is even worst as muscles needed to cool down more than fat and i was gonna sweat as hell) This was my first conversation and i was disappointed because i was hoping i might be one of those lucky guys and avoid CS after the surgery. He said no chance 'You are going to sweat alot because you are tall, fat/muscly'.........Hmmmmmmmm what do i do now. CS or FB (or even worst both) I told him i live in UK and 10 out of 12 months not even hot here so i should be fine right!!! He was going at it full. He said it is actually humidity cause CS not the dry hot and i was living one of the most humid island in the world!!!! I guess he wanted me to understand the side effects of the surgery and he was being very successful. So my decision was to have the surgery despite the CS. Cuz i knew i could not live with FB anymore. It was really at that point i was not enjoying ANYTHING in my life. Really miserable that i could not explain it here. My surgery planned to take place on 11th of September 2017. i booked my ticket and flew to Istanbul 1 day before. He told me to meet him 9am in the morning to get some checks before the surgery and not eat or drink anything. So i did and meet in his office. He further warned me that i will have CS and it is in some situation is worst than FB if i was accepting it he was going to do the surgery. So 1st he sent me to Dermatologist and than Psychologist ( I will explain if anyone wants to know why but it will take another 2 pages) than i have my Lungs x-rayed to see it is not stuck to my back muscles as they make your lungs collapse during the surgery. Everything seemed OK i and i was in the surgery room by 2 pm same day. According to him i was in there for 40 minutes. When i opened my eyes, i was absolutely fine. I can't remember any pain as others implied here for the lungs or anywhere else. They took me my private room. And i fell asleep again but remembering waking up with stinking pain on my both sides. It was so unbearable i had to call the nurse to get me some more painkillers then i fell asleep again till someone came to wake me up the next day to get my Lungs x-rayed again to see it is all OK. So basically he did ETS operation on my both sides and clamped my T2 and T3 nerves. I was discharged from hospital around 2pm the next day after the operation. i was OK but still had side pains that i couldn't walked too much. So i checked in to my hotel room and went straight to bed pretty much rest of the day. Next day i was much better again i can't remember too much my lungs were being ache but my sides was still in pain. I was told take paracetomol and ibrufen to ease down the pain after the surgery. Now after the surgery; i know it was the 1st day day but i could not sweat on my face anymore and i wasn't going hot above my neck and i knew if don't feel the hot as soon as the feeling triggered i wouldn't have blushed. I couldn't even if i wanted to. Seriously....Such a relief OMG after all the stress and hell i was going through, believe you me it was such good feeling. To make sure i put myself in silly situation that used to make me blush. Nope! no more blushing for me. I talked to people, made silly jokes, even tried to be center of the attention in hotel, nothing made my top side hot or sweaty. It was miracle. I was so happy with the results so far (after 1 day) September means Istanbul is hot as anything (35 C degree when i was there) so i wanted to check my CS so on the 2nd day i took a walk from hotel the some sightseeing areas. It was funny i did not dropped a single sweat when i was walking all the way to the harbour but as soon as i sat down to eat something i started to sweat like a pig. OMG it was a very weird feeling as i have never sweated this way before (kinda wet sweat) and my shorts was completely wet when i stood up to pay my bills but i couldn't care less TBH. I was blush free. so i came home on my 3rd day. My CS was too much at the beginning but it is now little bit calmed down. Mainly i sweat right between my chest, my back and my legs. My hands and my face is now sweat free :). I realized i sweat more if i think about it more and if i am stressful. This is different kinda sweat as i mentioned earlier. I sweat all my life moderately (maybe a tad more) but it used to dry if waited a bit or calm down. This sweat does not dry for some reason. Maybe because i am sweating more than before but it really feels weird. Now we are through January, i haven't sweated very excessively last 2 months because of the weather was mainly cold. Only 2 months ago i caught a cold or something, Jesus, every night i was changing 2 or 3 vest, even some night beddings and my pillow cases (but it was similar before the op. I tend to sweat a lot when i got cold but definitely this time twice more.) All in all i am waiting for the hot weather to really see how my CS will be and i can share with you when that time comes. Meanwhile i am blush free. I got my life back. Enjoying every second of it. It is one of the best decision i made. The beginning, Operation and after the operation went very smooth thanks to God. I can easily suggest anyone who is suffering from FB. If you think that you tried everything and still have it, don't waste any day of your life suffering. It is not worth it. Your days you are suffered are not gonna come back. There is nothing to be afraid of. The technology is quite high these days. Talk to a professional and ask for a help. I wish you all the best and hope that you can get rid of this disaster ASAP.
  13. Has anyone had ets for facial blushing. Can you please go over your situation and how it has affected you before and after surgery. Every little detail helps thanks. Also please go into details of the blush. How it comes on how it feels etc. E.g. mine gets hotter and hotter and feels really uncomfortable. Does anyone get the immense heat with their blushing.
  14. Hi everyone. I would like to speak to some of you who have had ETS done for facial blushing it would be brilliant to hear your feedback.
  15. Hello everyone, to begin I would like to say that I am an eighteen-year-old girl from France, and have been suffering from excessive, uncontrollable blushing since I was fourteen. This may seem alarming since I am typing in English but I was taught the language at a very young age. After a year of being on this website, I have concluded that this is the last remaining right option for me. I have tried cognitive behavior therapy, and I have tried medications such as propranolol, clonidine, SSRI's and Benzos. They may have given relief for a few hours each time, but I don't think this is the answer to my problem. The blushing makes me very unsociable, anxious, sometimes depressed and worried, and this is one of the reasons why I am deciding to bite the bullet. It is very debilitating to have seen the friends I lost around 15 years old because of the stress and anxiety I had, I just didn't like being around people anymore, and I did not like this since beforehand I was the most sociable of the bunch! I am acutely aware of the side effects of this surgery. Compensatory sweating, heart rate decrease, and potential Horner's syndrome but honestly I would happily switch constant heat in my face for stomach, back, feet and leg sweat. Please take into consideration that during the summer my hands and feet sweat on a 7-8 level, my face to a level 9 and my trunk to a level 0. (1 best 10 worst) After seeing two surgeons (one who refused to do the surgery because of the risks of Horner's syndrome and the other who said he would do it but the cost was very high- 12,000, this is because he was not in France ). I am seeing a surgeon on the 7th of September 2017 which is two days away now. The surgeon is in France which means the surgery should be covered or partially covered by my insurance. I would like to finish off by saying that if anyone who has had the surgery could contact me for support and advice, that would be great and that once my surgery is over I will be happy to answer any questions! Please take into account that this thread will be updated often after my surgery. Thank you for any support and feel free to leave responses
  16. To those who have had ETS I would like to share a little secret. I manage to block all sweat from my armpits with antiperspirant ''etiaxil'' I highly recommend an application once a week the first week and then once every three days. Please keep in mind it is not the cheapest antiperspirant out there and it is about a 4/10 itchiness on first application but I mean if you can rid of the sweating, I think it is worth a try. If someone who has had ETS could tell me what its like if they apply antiperspirant to the areas ( stomach, lower back... ((maybe someone else can help you here)) and inner thighs as I am getting ETS myself and believe that this antiperspirant could a potential help. I mean, this never been mentioned and it is the second line basic treatment for sweating after deodorant and I feel like it should not be overlooked
  17. Hi I just recently joined this forum because I am in need of answers. I am a facial blusher and am seriously down n depressed. It's taking over my life and I'm only 24 years old. I avoid every situation and have lost friends. People think I am weird and know I have a problem I'm thinking of getting ETS surgery in Melbourne by Dr.Roger Bell. Can anyone please please give me their experience and advice if they have been to him? Was it worth it?
  18. Like many of you, my life is controlled by my facial blushing. It consumes my every thought and prevents me from living my life the way I want to. I have slight rosacea and fair, sensitive skin, so it does not take much for my face to turn bright red. Within the past few days, I have had some especially bad blushing episodes where the people around me have asked me if I'm okay because my face is so red. But this isn't abnormal for me; my blushing is so bad that rather than being made fun of for it, the people around me typically express concern. I feel like this is almost worse, as it indicates that my face must be turning REALLY red. Because of all this, I have been feeling extremely depressed recently. I will be graduating from college in May, so I feel like this is the time for me to really do something about this problem before I enter the work world. I have had issues with FB since I was probably around 11 and it just keeps getting worse, so I do not want to suffer with this problem any longer. I have already tried anxiety medications like Beta Blockers and Xanax, but these are more fast-acting and do not last long enough each day to fully help. I tried SSRI's in high school/beginning of college, but they made me lethargic and decreased my libido immensely. My next step will most likely be CBT, but for some reason I'm not very confident this will help. I think it could definitely address the root of the problem, which is clearly social anxiety and low self-esteem, but I'm nervous this isn't enough. That's why I've started to consider ETS, although I feel like it is an extremely unrealistic option for me. The biggest problem is money -- I've heard it's extremely expensive and rarely covered by insurance. Another huge issue is side effects... I'm really freaked out by some of the horror stories I've read about. And then the third problem is my family. I cannot even imagine telling them, as no one else in my family deals with this issue in the slightest (I'm not sure I've even witnessed any of them blush), so I doubt they'd understand or support me in this decision. I also don't even know where I would go for this procedure, as I haven't been able to find anywhere in Boston that performs this procedure (it seems Mass General does but only for hyperhidrosis... thinking about calling them anyway). Anyway, I apologize for the long post but it did feel good to get it all out. I haven't confided in anyone about this problem because I'm too embarrassed, so I'm really glad to have found this website. I know I didn't really ask a concrete question, but I would just love some advice or general words of wisdom from anyone who has gone through the same thing. Feedback on CBT, ETS, and maybe even meds that are helpful would be greatly appreciated. I just don't know what to do about all this! Thank you so much!
  19. Hi! The most common side effect I read about from the blushing surgery is compensatory sweating (CS). It seems you are almost guaranteed to get at least a little bit of this. But two other side effects I read about is extremely cold hands and fatigue/tiredness. I was wondering how common these side effects are. If it is extremely rare, or if it is as common as CS. To all of you who have had surgery done for blushing, do you have colder hands than before? I have read several posts about people having extra warm hands for a year, and then having permanently extremely cold hands thereafter. Do you have this, and if so, how bad is it? Are you more tired than before? If so, how is this affecting your life? Cheers
  20. Hi! I have read somewhere of people who have had the ETS-surgery done, who said it had a beta blocker effect on the heart. I was wondering if people who have had the ETS-surgery agrees with this statement, and if so, could explain what it means for you. I have myself tried beta blockers (propranolol), and it did help a lot with blushing, but I also got a lot of side effects. Some of them were: getting extremely tired, increased appetite and cravings for sugar, having a hard time being physically active, cold hands, decreased heart rate, increased sweating, etc. I was wondering, since I had these side effects from taking beta blockers, can I expect to have them from the ETS-surgery as well? Decreased heart rate is a common side effect, also recognized by surgeons who perform ETS, but I have never read that the ETS for instance can give you increased appetite. Hope I can get more clear about this. It would help in understanding the consequences of the ETS-surgery to a greater extent, and by that able me to make a better decision of whether or not I should go through with it
  21. michael1


    Do any people who've undergone the operation know the change in their heartrate- before/after. I've read 10 to up to 50% of patients report a drop in heartrate. Haven't read anyhing drastic but has it effected your exercise/activities/comfort/general health in any ways? Good or bad? I haven't had he operation but today i've been laying down and took 3 measurements of my BPM. I'm healhy and fit... The first was 79, then 83 twice. Kinda high. Anyway thanks for any responses
  22. I get bad blushing and also flushing. I feel like they are both caused by stress in some form or another -- but most people say ETS doesn't have much of an effect on flushing?
  23. Hi all blushers (and hopefully many former blushers!)! The goal with this post/topic is to create an arena where people who have had ETS-surgery goes in to detail of how effective it was curing blushing and what kinds of side effects they got from it. The reason why I have created this topic is because I believe it will give a wider and more accurate picture of what to expect from the surgery, which will enable people who haven´t had the surgery yet to make a better decision of whether to go through with it or not. The information out there is very diverse. The surgeons base their information on side effects from a question form sent out usually 6 month after surgery. From what I have read in different forums, the most severe side effect don´t start until 2 years or more after the surgery. Also the results seem to vary based on factors like whether you are male/female, how old you were having the surgery, if the nerves got clamped or burned, if you are overweight or not. Information that we don´t usually get from surgeons, but that people report from forums. And lastly, people write about side effect they got from the surgery, that surgeons never mention. I have read through a lot of the testimonials and forums on this site and others, but there often lacks a great deal on information. Plus, it seems to be the same people responding over and over again, which doesn´t give a wide range of experiences. It also is both hard and time consuming for people searching through that much information. Hopefully, after people responding to this post, we will all have a clearer and greater picture of the truth of the ETS-surgery. To make the posts on this topic as complimentary and accurate as possible, I have made out some guidelines for what should be in your post. Please try to follow them to the best of your ability, as I believe it will be of great help for many. Some questions might be a bit uncomfortable to answer, but keep in mind that none of the answers will make it possible to link up the information to a specific person: - 1. First, ONLY write a post if you actually have had the ETS-surgery (or a blushing surgery called something else, like the ESB-surgery). This topic is made specifically for this. - 2. Try to say all that you want to say in ONE post, as this topic is meant for as many different peoples opinions as possible. - 3. When did you have the surgery done (year and month)? - 4. How old were you when you had the surgery? - 5. Are you male or female? - 6. Did the surgeons cut/burn the nerves or did they put on titanium clamps? And at what t-level did they do it? T2? T3? Both? - 7. Are you overweight? Do you eat healthy? - 8. Did you get CS (compensatory sweating), and how bad is it? PLEASE go in to details. How is it affecting your daily life? Do you just sweat a little bit more during workouts or do you get soaking wet just by going outside on a warm day? - 9. Did you get dry hands, and how bad is it? Do you have to just moisturizer once a day and then they are like normal, or do you have constant dry hands no matter what? Please go in to detail on how it is affecting your daily life. - 10. Did you get cold hands? - 11. Have you lost hair on you head or facial hair? - 12. Is it harder exercising now? How bad is it? - 13. Has the sex life got worse after the surgery? Like have you got decreased libido? - 14. Have you had problem focusing on mental tasks? Like studying for many hours or doing some kind of intellectual work over a longer period of time? - 15. Have you had problems with your upper body getting over-heated (split body syndrome)? - 16. Have you experienced you personality changing? Not being able to feel strong emotions, like positive highs or negative lows? - 17. Has your energy level decreased? - 18. Any other side effects you had that aren´t mentioned above? Everything you share is appreciated, and the more detailed you are, the better. - 19. How bad was the blushing before the surgery? What kind of situation would make you blush? Did you get red and warm and then it would quickly go away, or could the redness and heat stay for many minutes to hours? - 20. How is the blushing problem today? Do you blush at all? - 21. How is your life in general after the surgery? Happy about the result? From your perspective, do you recommend people going through with it? (I am myself in the position of trying to gather information and then decide. Had I done the surgery already, I would of course also have started of this topic with a post of my own experience). To all who have had the surgery done, and choose to share their story about it, a BIG thank you! I am sure it will be appreciated by a lot of people!
  24. I had ETS in Australia after years of suffering all the horrible emotional and psychological symptoms of uncontrollable blushing. My blushing was so out of control, that I was also diagnosed with social phobia because going out in public just became so humiliating. ETS is honestly the best thing I ever did and I feel as though my life started again the day I had the surgery. I'm not certain I would still be here if I had not managed to find a solution to the condition I found so disabling. When I woke from the anaesthetic, the first thing I noticed was the dryness of my hands. They felt slightly sand-papery, unusually dry. The dry hands is probably the worst side-effect for me, my hands (the palms and around the nails) get so dry that they are painful. I constantly use hand cream and am always looking for the next product that will treat the dryness, rather than just act as a temporary barrier. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips? The post-operative pain was a surprise, breathing was quite difficult for 2-3 days and my lungs felt as though they were thoroughly bruised. My nose, chin and top lip sweat quite a bit when I am eating or thinking about eating, not only spicy food but any type of food. This I consider to be a small issue and I have become used to it. Nobody else seems to notice. Compensatory sweating is definitely an issue, I sweat in places like my groin (not a good look!), feet, thighs and back if I am hot and especially if I am anxious. I manage this by wearing darker clothing. My wardrobe is full of black! These days, I may blush if I am extremely embarrassed, the way I imagine "normal people" blush, but never to the excruciating degree that I used to and the blush is always brief. Whilst my particular side-effects from ETS can be annoying, they are a very acceptable trade-off for no longer blushing.
  25. http://myblushingcure.com/how-did-i-cure-my-blushing/
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