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Found 26 results

  1. Hi everyone. Had ETS clamping 2 months ago. I am from East Europe, Romania, i made the surgery in my country, bukarest city. Hospital St.Ioan. Dr Vasile Popa, very good professionist. I got 2 clamps on each side between t2 and t3 ganglia. I had FB, facial HH, anxiety and panic attacks. I will try to be very specific. First of all i want to thank God and St.Nektarios from Greece for giving me the chance for a good surgery. I have many of my simptoms go away with minimum side effects.At least until now. Until now i had no sweat on my face and hands. Skin is normall. FB reduced a lot, now is more like a flushing i think, but is a very good condition comparing with the past, in fact is the past obsession who made me to pay attention on this. Reflex sweating is ok, maybe 10-15% more like before, i was a heavy sweaater anyway. Dry hands, normal skin. Some weard symptoms in those months maybe but ETS is a major surgery not an simple one. Body is changing. First month was a little bit difficult a little freezing in april, some sleepiness, a little depressed but like i said body is changing. Now is better. I changed the workplace in an office. Much better for me like before. I must try to avoid coffee and alcohol as much as possible, it is much better. I post here two links about St.Nektarios who really helped me in this surgery. http://www.stnektariosmonastery.org/ourfaith.php http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nectarios_of_Aegina I will come back with informations and details. i will answer also on this adress michuets@yahoo.com God help everyone. Take care.
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