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  1. To Lethal Injection, Just get on with having the ETS and stop wasting everyone's time. You obviously are an attention seeker and I guess that your mind was probably already set to have an ETS operation before you even made your pleading and whining posts. Get a grip man, do what you think is best for yourself. What's the betting you come crawling back here in six months to a year's time complaining about how sh*t your life is. Now f*** off and get on with it.
  2. To Lethal Injection, My advice to you would be not to have an ETS. The risk of the side effect of excessive compensatory sweating is about 70% but it is 100% guaranteed that you will end up with some form of Compensatory sweating. If you are unlucky enough to end up with excessive compensatory sweating you will live the rest of your life in regret for ever having the ETS done. You will become ever more depressed and you will suffer socially on all levels. You will also come to dread the summer and any warm days as even mild heat or exercise such as walking will produce large sweat patches on the front and back of your shirt and trousers. My suggestion for your sweaty hands would be to consider either Botox or Iontophoresis treatment. To address your blushing as well as your sweating, might I also suggest that you looking into something called EFT - Emotional Free Therapy. There is obviously a deep, underlying reason why you suffer as you do and EFT will help you to resolve these issues. What ever you decide to do, may I wish you all the very best.
  3. Some good news for a change. Please read this scientific article which was published just a few months ago. I firmly believe this is something that we ought to pursue as it offers a very good chance of it leading to a viable ETS reversal http://icvts.ctsnetjourna.../icvts.2009.227744v1.pdf
  4. Some good news for a change. Please read this scientific article which was published just a few months ago. I firmly believe this is something that we ought to pursue as it offers a very good chance of it leading to a viable ETS reversal http://icvts.ctsnetjourna.../icvts.2009.227744v1.pdf
  5. Hello all, I came across these links fron the ETS and Reversal form ( http://etsandreversals.yuku.com/ ) for a laser treatment that stops excessive sweating. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1235318/Laser-zaps-problem-perspiration-How-pioneering-30-minute-procedure-help-solve-embarrassing-condition.html and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1160297/The-3-500-laser-surgery-stop-sweating-good.html
  6. Hello IJR, The treatment was conducted in Mexico - you will need to contact the EdoAnt mimself to establish the full details. For the time being, this treatment will not be available in the UK for some considerable time - this is due to all the consideration on morals, ethics and religious meddling.
  7. Hello all, It has been a very long time since I ventured to this forum, but I just wish to bring to your notice a particular success story regarding the use of stem cells to restore an ETS and greatly reduce compensatory sweating. To see the latest update check out the story on the ETS And Reversal Discussion Forum. The poster reporting on the treatment is called EdoAnt and the discussion is taking place in the Stem Cell section of the forum. There are two threads on this matter, but the one with the treatment results is titled 'Results From Stem Cell Treatment: Post #2 ' The link for it is here: http://etsandreversals.yuku.com/topic/3929
  8. For those of you who wish to change their lives for the better, may I urge you to take a look at the following: www.psych-k.com This therapy can turn around and cancel self-limiting beliefs within minutes. Moreover, it doesn't rely on on will power or positive thinking. Applied correctly, it can rapidly improve self-esteem, change one's outlook on life, improve relationships and health. Hugs & Kisses, Miss Lavish xxx
  9. Mr Bear! Please don't get me started on childhood confectionery. Personally, I'd much rather prefer a sherbet dib dab - but nothing beats sucking on a Fisherman's Friend! Yes, I can picture us both sitting on a grassy bank by the river - holding our rods in our hands and waiting with eager anticaption for a nibble. Failing that - I suck yours and you get to suck mine - sweets that is!!!! .
  10. Hello Niki, It really is true - what goes round comes round. And I am a firm believer in the notion that whatever good you do eventually comes back to you multiplied. Think pleasant, positive thoughts and good will come into your life. However, live your life in the negative or do things grudgingly or be forever critical of others and your life will equally reflect your way of thinking. Life after all, is about living - which to me means being as happy as possible and taking delight in all that life has to offer. The most important thing to remember is always live for today – i.e. in the NOW. Living for today – in the NOW - means that having regrets and bearing resentments is utterly silly. The past is behind you – So forgive any past transgressions (not forgetting to forgive yourself) and then just let the past go and move on. Holding onto and reliving bad past experiences is just re-victimising yourself. Additionally, putting off until tomorrow what you can do today is just as silly - Tomorrow may never come. So come on – Get on with your life. The secret to contentment is not to overly worry too much about what people may think. Do the best that you can (don't worry if other can do better - the secret is to do the best that you can do) and you will always shine through. Be kind to all animals and anyone who is less fortunate than you. So rather than walk by that so called disgusting tramp (bum) give him a few small coins - even if they are going to spend it on beer – Don’t be too judgemental. After all, who’s to say that you’re perfect? And in truth – none of us are. Love & Kisses, Miss Lavish xx .
  11. Oh Johnnyboy you are possibly skating on thin ice here! (Alright! Alright! - I know you didn't really mean it like that - you big tease - you!) :wink: As you know, I use to be a gay man trapped inside the indistinct body of a women. Since my gender augmentation operation I am now a happy ex-transsexual, bisexual woman - and you think you have problems!!!! .
  12. You could always try using a box and some margarine! .
  13. To be serious for a moment: Johnnyboy, you are perfectly correct about being open with people. Everyone on this planet has issues – even the seemingly successful people. Just take a peek at any celebrity magazine to gain an insight into peoples insecurities. I knew a girl who was just amazing beautiful, yet even she was unable to accept compliments because she was so insecure. I recall once that she said that she wished she had anorexia so she could be more slender! – Go figure that one? Anyway, the point I am attempting to illustrate is that the majority of people out there are existing in a general state of anxiety – more often than not brought about by a sense of not feeling quite good enough. This is why Johnnyboy’s advice about opening up a little about your issues is a jolly good idea as it immediately puts people at ease because it allows the other person to empathise a little with you - It is such a relief to discover that you aren’t the only one with problems. Although, as Johnnyboy quite rightly pointed out – the secret is not to completely bare your soul at the very first meeting – you don’t wish to come across as completely venerable or an emotional wreck. Adversity tends to bring people together – and a problem shared is a problem halved. This is what is so great about forums such as this, because it allows people to come together to share their thoughts and experiences knowing that there will be an acceptance and empathy from the membership. Finally, as I stated before, every single person alive today has issues and consequently an accompanying sense of vulnerability – tap into this with a sense of understanding and empathy and you will find friendship wherever you go. .
  14. Oh! Mr Bear you say the sweetest things! In truth, I am everybody’s bit on the side - a bit like the mustard one leaves on the side of the plate. I am very hot - but not everyone can take the heat (or as the old saying goes: cut the mustard!!!!) Oooooooooooo Yeeeeeeeeeessss Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! – Give it to me you big tease. I just want to hear you whisper into my desperately anxious ear those six magic little words: “Brace yourself I’m going in dry!†PS: Mr Bear - your current love - are we talking about Geoffery here? .
  15. I believe Bob Bear bats for the other side and after doing so is often found travalling on the other bus homeward bound. He is also fond of wearing sensible shoes and enjoys wearing frocks at the weekends. He likes to play it straight when darting about this forum - He is forever protesting that he isn't a lifter of the shirt and claims that he likes girls (especially if they are call JohnnyBoy) Whatever Mr Bear says, I know from first-hand experience that at the very least he is most definitely gay for pay!
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