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  1. It's a difficult decision indeed. You should ask yourself just how bad your HH is on your hands on a scale from 1 - 5. Do your hands drip during most activities and social events? Or just when you're nervous? If your hands are a level 5 all the time, perhaps surgery is something to consider but if your hands just get a bit sweaty when your nervous, then maybe not.
  2. I'm an insomniac. I've been a miserable sleeper my whole life. I have noticed that when I don't get enough sleep, I sweat a lot more the next day. I also wonder if my sweating is a result of going so many years without decent sleep - like maybe it affected the development of my neurological system since as many of you probably know that HH is a disorder of the nerves and not the sweat glands. Anybody here notice more sweat with less sleep?
  3. I know how you feel. It's very frustrating and it really affects your quality of life. What kind of HH do you have. Mine is general which means I sweat from head to toe! Mostly on my face, hands, armpits, and feet though. Hang in there though, you're not alone. ETS might be ok if you only have it in your hands.
  4. It's been so long since I've been on this forum that I forgot it had a personals forum. I probably should have posted my previous message there. Sorry people. Didn't mean to deviate. :oops:
  5. I was just wondering if anybody knows of any chat rooms for people with HH? Thanks.
  6. Yeah, close enough. It must be pretty hot where you live huh. I live in the bay area and even with the ocean breeze it's still pretty hot.
  7. I'm from Los Angeles, CA and I was just curious to see if anybody else is too.
  8. I just had a physical exam at my family doctor's office and I found out that I have an overactive thyroid. It can be detected by a simple blood test. My doctor told me that it may be a reason for the excessive sweating and intolerance for heat. I even researched a bit on the Internet and it's true! Thyroid problems can create HH. I have to go to a specialist now who deals with glands, an endocrinologist. I'll keep you posted on my progress and whether or not treating my thyroid issue helps to alleviate my HH.
  9. Trixi, just tell who ever is interviewing you that you might start sweating and that it's something that you do naturally. This will help you feel more relaxed if you start sweating. For more details behind this method, read my post that says, "TRY THIS." Good luck and remember, your sweating will not define your performance or your character and I promise your interviewer will know that. Good luck.
  10. I think you should look into anxiety medication. It may be just what you need.
  11. Man, I really feel bad for you. I know what you are going through and it is really difficult to deal with. I can completely relate to your situations you described with sweating so I really do know what you're going through and so do many others out there with this condition so just know that even on your darkest days, you're not alone. When you're sitting there wiping your face or hands dry in class, just remember that somebody else is doing the same thing. Know that somebody else is sweating right through their clothes and it might even be cold while they're doing it! It might even be me. I have had HH since I was 15 and I too have it in my face, hands, armpits, feet, and sometimes I even sweat on my whole body. It always comes at the worst times. I'm dry when I'm alone unless it's hot but when I'm in public, it could come at any moment depending on how nervous I get about something. Especially if it's warm or even just a bit stuffy. It is indeed depressing especially when you realize it limits you from getting into close relationships with girls or even from just socializing in your daily routine. It's really awful how you have had such bad experiences with those medications but at least you know they don't work. I have had some really bad experiences with topical medications too that have severely irritated my skin and left me with allergies as well. Read my post on Odaban and you'll see. I know what you mean when you say that you want to give up because I have thought about it many times and on bad days when I sweat a lot, I still do. Just hang in there though. I know it's hard and I know how humiliating this condition is but try and be strong. It's the only way. Just try and find something that makes you happy and focus on that. Talk to people about your condition, especially your friends and family because they can be very supportive. As far as meeting a good girl goes, you can still do that. It will be difficult at first but you will find somebody who will not care about your sweating or even the other problems you described because she will be interested in who you are. She may even have her own insecurities that she will hope you can accept. You may still sweat when your with her but I can promise you it will diminish once you get comfortable with her. I know it's hard though but if you really want to be with somebody, you can. There are even girls out there who have HH so maybe you can get to know them. Sites like these are great places to meet them. Don't give up yet. This life is short and one day, with the blink of an eye, it will be over. I know how you feel though. I often times wish God would just end my life but I know it's going to happen eventually whether I hasten the process or not. To live is to suffer, and even though the majority of the population doesn't suffer from HH, everybody out there has their bag of hammers that they too have to carry around. That person you see smiling on the street may have cancer, while another is blind, or paralized, or perhaps they have some other disease that is debilitating. One person can't sleep, while another can't breathe on their own. Just know that nobody in this life is flawless. My advice is, show the world and yourself, that you will not sit and let this condition prevent you from doing what you want in life. FIGHT IT! I know it's hard and I know your quality of life seems so poor but just remember, it can get worse and if you want it to it will. Always remember this: no matter how miserable you are, there is always at least a million others out there that are more miserable than you. Just turn on the news and see what goes on in Africa these days in the Congo and Darfur region and how much people are suffering there. A place where it's so hot that your sweat would evaporate before it could even cool you down. A place where children are born with AIDS and become orphans by the time they are 5 years old when their parents die from the disease. I know all this seems irrelevant to the situation here but my point here is to just show you that even with all this hardship we experience from our sweating and trying to treat it, we still don't realize just how much worse life can get. The hell with what anybody thinks about your sweating. Give yourself credit for living with this condition because it's not easy. Acknowlege that you are strong and brave for trying to live an ordinary life with HH. Hang in there. The cure is right around the corner. One day, a brilliant scientist will have HH and he/she will develop a cure that has no or little side-effects, hopefully. Life is but a dream. By the way, have you considered ETS? It may be the solution for you. I'm afraid of the surgery but if you feel it's worth it, then go for it. I suggest you research it. I hear a lot of good things about, but I've also read some horror stories as well.
  12. Absolutely true. I learned that you've just gotta show people that it doesn't bother you (even though it really does) and that way you won't feel as embarrassed about it. It's like tricking your brain.
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